Jason Hope, The Futurist From Arizona, Gives His Views On How IoT is Set To Evolve

Jason Hope is a futurist who finds interest in technology. The young entrepreneur has specialized in developing health facilities through the use of technology.

However, his obsession with the Internet of Things (IoT) is unparalleled. Hope shares his thoughts on how IoT is set to evolve.

  1. Just like any other technological feature, Hope suggests that IoT will not be the same as it is. He cites an example of browsers and instant messaging programs. Comparing the two platforms from the early days and how they currently look, one would say that they aren’t the same things. Similarly, as each everyone comes up with their own unique ideas about IoT, the platform is definitely going to shape up differently.
  2. The value IoT provides will improve. As at now, IoT isn’t as developed as it should be. It is just a catch-phrase, used to describe how things are to be connected. Apart from smartphones, fitness trackers, and other fancy devices that are already common, Jason Hope thinks the IoT is set to provide much value. For instance, Kroger has already started using smart freezers. The freezers use IoT technology to keep temperatures in the freezers at a perfect value. With such a system, and other systems that are set to be in place, a smart kitchen would be able to save as much as 15%, just by lowering losses.
  3. According to Cisco, in the near future, developing an application will not be the big issue for app developers. Mind sharing the apps will. As at now, there are a lot of applications being used on smartphones. As IoT get more things connected, some of which are only able to handle a few apps, making consumers appreciate a development will be the biggest issue. This is what will be the battlefield of app developers.
  4. Going by Gartner’s predictions, 20% of all vehicles are expected to be connected be in four years. This will minimize distracted driving, allowing drivers to enjoy their driving experiences. Furthermore, it will be possible for vehicles to have multiple users, and their use to be easily tracked.
  5. When something is introduced to you at first, you think of it whenever doing it. However, it ceases being a wonder, and starts to be a common place, as time goes by. The Internet o Things will, in the same way, stop being just a thing. It will be a way of lifestyle for everyone.

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