The Evolving World of Fabletics

In recent news, an announcement of Fabletics taking on Amazon made headlines. Currently, Amazon controls 20% of the e-commerce market regarding fashion; however, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics are doing extraordinarily well with the growth of a $250 million business within three years. At Fabletics, subscribing to a line of trendy and fashionable activewear is a method that has proven to be aspirational because customers are encouraged to push themselves a little while also having convenience and membership.

Fabletics now has several stores located in Illinois, Hawaii, California, and Florida, and they are planning on adding more stores really soon. With them, there physical stores do things differently that contribute to their continual growth, and it includes the following:

They encourage reverse showrooming

  • They encourage reverse showrooming– this works well for them because customers can research the products online and then head to the physical store to finish the purchase. Customers appreciate this, and thus, relationships build between the customers and Fabletics. As a result, 30 to 50% of customers walking through the store are current customers, and another 25% become members within the store.

Online data is at the main core of retail

  • Online data is at the main core of retail- their brand is mainly built by combining the users’ preference data and global fashion trends. They use the preferences of online local data so that the stores will stock only items that are more appealing to customers. Also, the trends will change as the users’ data concerning their tastes change.


Focus on people, culture, and accessibility contributes to growth

  • Focus on people, culture, and accessibility contributes to growth- as the company evolves, moves into new areas, and obtain new competitors, it is required to stay abreast of consumer education, customer experience, and the balance of lifestyle of customers. Also, maintaining quality products for great prices, creative and in-house media teams that scale widely based on data science, return on investment, and an authentic spokesperson contributes to continual growth.

These three factors that Fabletics utilize go hand in hand with the new type of showrooming. Viable consumer data and other focuses are derived mainly from showrooming as they stay connected with the changing trends and tastes of customers as well as the competition.

About Fabletics

Found in July 2013 by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler, Fabletics,, is an e-commerce online subscription for women’s activewear and accessories. The headquarters of this company is located in El Segundo, California. It is now rebranded to TechStyle Fashion Group, and it is the subsidiary of JustFab.

Jason Hope, The Futurist From Arizona, Gives His Views On How IoT is Set To Evolve

Jason Hope is a futurist who finds interest in technology. The young entrepreneur has specialized in developing health facilities through the use of technology.

However, his obsession with the Internet of Things (IoT) is unparalleled. Hope shares his thoughts on how IoT is set to evolve.

  1. Just like any other technological feature, Hope suggests that IoT will not be the same as it is. He cites an example of browsers and instant messaging programs. Comparing the two platforms from the early days and how they currently look, one would say that they aren’t the same things. Similarly, as each everyone comes up with their own unique ideas about IoT, the platform is definitely going to shape up differently.
  2. The value IoT provides will improve. As at now, IoT isn’t as developed as it should be. It is just a catch-phrase, used to describe how things are to be connected. Apart from smartphones, fitness trackers, and other fancy devices that are already common, Jason Hope thinks the IoT is set to provide much value. For instance, Kroger has already started using smart freezers. The freezers use IoT technology to keep temperatures in the freezers at a perfect value. With such a system, and other systems that are set to be in place, a smart kitchen would be able to save as much as 15%, just by lowering losses.
  3. According to Cisco, in the near future, developing an application will not be the big issue for app developers. Mind sharing the apps will. As at now, there are a lot of applications being used on smartphones. As IoT get more things connected, some of which are only able to handle a few apps, making consumers appreciate a development will be the biggest issue. This is what will be the battlefield of app developers.
  4. Going by Gartner’s predictions, 20% of all vehicles are expected to be connected be in four years. This will minimize distracted driving, allowing drivers to enjoy their driving experiences. Furthermore, it will be possible for vehicles to have multiple users, and their use to be easily tracked.
  5. When something is introduced to you at first, you think of it whenever doing it. However, it ceases being a wonder, and starts to be a common place, as time goes by. The Internet o Things will, in the same way, stop being just a thing. It will be a way of lifestyle for everyone.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny is an Authority in Cancer and Anti-aging Research

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a competent scientist, lecturer, innovator, and author. Mikhail Blagosklonny lectures oncology at the New York-based Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He studies signal transduction, cellular biology, anticancer therapeutics, cellular senescence, and cell cycle. He has built an exciting career in the field of research.

Education and career history

Blagosklonny attended the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg and earned his Master’s degree in internal medicine. Later on, he graduated with a doctorate’s degree in cardiology and experimental medicine from the same university. In 2002, the Valhalla, NY-based New York Medical College appointed him as the associate professor in charge of the medical department. A few months later, Mikhail Blagosklonny landed another distinguished appointment from Ordway Research Institute headquartered in Albany, New York to serve as a senior scientist. He relinquished his position in 2009 and joined Roswell Park Cancer Institute as the oncology’s professor.


Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the founders of Cell Cycle and serves as its editor-in-chief. He is an associate editor of Cancer Research, Autophagy, American Journal of Pathology, Cell Death & Differentiation, and International Journal of Cancer Research. He was responsible for advancing the research on signal transduction paths from cancer to aging. He also revealed a potential target for lowering the rate of aging and diseases associated with aging.

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Appointment at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Roswell Park’s senior VP in charge of basic science, Andrei V. Gudkov, said that Mikhail Blagosklonny is an accomplished researcher who introduced innovative concepts in cancer biology and its treatment. He added that Blagosklonny would assist in developing new anticancer concepts and strategies of cancer treatment and prevention. The researcher will utilize Roswell Park’s ideas and strategies such as preventing radio and chemotherapy from damaging healthy cells, tissue-specific therapy, and averting cancer by lowering the rate of organismal aging, to come up with more efficient cancer treatments.

Anti-aging therapies

Apart from leading the fight against cancer, Blagosklonny has been conducting intensive researches on underlying aging mechanisms. His mission is to develop medications that can slow down the rate of aging. Therefore, Blagosklonny has come up with a hypothesis concerning the possibility of using TOR signaling in slowing down aging and cancer therapy. He has proposed the use of rapamycin, a renowned cancer medication, as a potential anti-aging drug. Blagosklonny is recognized across the globe as one of the most passionate supporters of rapamycin in life extension research. He has authored and published over 270 scientific papers with more than 25,000 citations.

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James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Offers The Family Place a one Million Grant

James Dondero is an American investment expert and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He cherishes charity work by donating to community-based and other nonprofit organizations. Dondero recently supported The Family Place by donating a grant valued at one million dollars.

The grant is supposed to help The Family Place in constructing a facility for housing family violence victims as well as offering counseling services to them. Dondero announced the news as he attended the nonprofit organization’s Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon that took place in Dallas TX.

Highland Capital Management supports nonprofit organizations through its philanthropic subsidiary known as Highland Dallas Foundation. The Family Place will receive the grant through Highland Dallas Foundation. This nonprofit organization had previously raised $200,000 to support its Legacy Campaign. The organization aims at raising a total of $2.8 million for the campaign.

Speaking at the luncheon, James Dondero appreciated the efforts of The Family Place and other government officials from Dallas such as the mayor and police chief. He pointed out ways in which the grant will mitigate life-threatening social issues that affect the residents of Dallas. Paige Flink, the chief executive officer of The Family Place also encouraged people to support the organization.

About James Dondero

James Dondero currently manages Highland Capital Management as the president. He also lives in Dallas where the company is headquartered. Dondero has worked in credit and equity markets for more than 30 years.

He attended the McIntyre School of Commerce for dual degrees in accounting and finance. His expertise also lies in high-yield and distressed investing. Highland Capital Management officially began its operations in 1993. Since its establishment, Dondero was instrumental in developing the Collateral Loan Obligation. He also developed credit solutions for retail and institutional investors.

Dondero seats on the executive boards of Nexbank, Cornerstone Health and CCS Medical as the chairperson. Dondero is a certified management accountant and also a registered Chartered Financial Analyst. As an investment officer, he is renowned for helping a branch of Protective Life to amass $2.8 billion in revenue. His charity work revolves around education, public policy, as well as veteran affairs.

The Davos Financial Group and David Osio

Just recently, the Davos Real Estate Group introduced their Davos CAP Calculator, an app that helps both current and prospective clients to calculate the potential return on real estate investment property. The app is available on both the iPhone and Android platforms and it assists the investor to quickly calculate the potential rent compared to the purchase price of the property.


The Davos Real Estate Group is under the wing of the Davos Financial Group, a multinational investment company owned and operated by David Osio, a long time success in the investment community of several continents and countries of the world.


Mr. Osio has a long and successful history of holding key investment positions in the investment banking industry, investment law, and as the President and CEO of several major investment companies both in Latin America, North America, and Europe.


His entire training and industry focus has been in the diversified investment community, and he is well-known on a worldwide basis for his wisdom and investment knowledge. After having spent a good deal of time running other people’s companies, in 1993, Mr. Osio decided to form his company, and that is how The Davos companies were born.


Starting in Venezuela, Mr. Osio organized his company to only works with a select group of clients as far as offering financial advice. This allowed Mr. Osio and his colleagues the opportunity to fine-tune procedures and determine what worked well and what did not.


This process allowed Mr. Osio the chance to form a leadership team who took on the advent of attracting a larger group of clients and the business prospered and grew. The object of tailoring each financial campaign to the needs, resources and objectives of each client was the system that set Davos apart from the competition.


Each separate financial company is formed under the umbrella of Davos Financial Group and is distinctive to each investor’s individual needs as he or she walks the path of investment management with the various advisors assigned to them.


Since Davos keeps tabs on investments on a worldwide basis, there is an unlimited choice of what types of investments will fit investors who come to Davos for advice. This strategy not only allows for great diversification, but investments are available in niches that would possibly not be available if the scope was limited to just one country.


The Davos CAP calculator is just one tool that aids investors and advisors alike, as the Davos Financial Group reaches out to more and more clients all over the world.



Eric Lefkofsky’s Input in his Industry

As co-founder of Tempus and its CEO, Eric Lefkofsky is responsible for modernizing treatment through the use of algorithms to come up with a system that helps doctors care for their patients. At Lightbank, a fund that invests in disruptive technology, he is the managing director. Eric is also a co-founder of Groupon, which is an e-commerce hub. He is also a co-founder of Uptake Technologies, which is involved in predictive analysis. Together with his wife, he has a foundation that he co-chairs with her to help advance lives of those in the community. At Lurie Children’s hospital, he is a trustee. Another one of his engagements is chairing Steppenwolf Theatre’s trustee board in Chicago.



Accelerated Disruption



In the business world, people come up with better ideas, choices, and services, all at a good price. These kind of businesses that promise better services at great prices and convenience to the customers are referred to as disruptive businesses and are instrumental to the remaking of industries. Accelerated disruption is the development of businesses in tandem with technological advancement. The businesses that are not left behind by technology tend to have a stronghold in the market while those that waiver fail. Lefkofsky, in his book, Accelerated Distribution: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation, deals with certain startup concepts.



The choice of industry is to innovate, creating competitive advantage by understanding the concept of pain and turning it around. The author also deals with smart automations to help get the best out of people. In his book, he also addresses the mastery of product improvements. Eric also talks about how to promote your idea in the face of industry resistance, how to develop capital strategies to cushion you in the critical times of development. How to turn your customer base to your R&D people is especially smart. Conventional wisdom is not left behind in Eric’s book, as he shows how it is used to investigate disruptive ideas and test them accordingly.



Lefkofsky’s Education



Lefkofsky got his degree in education from the University of Michigan. He has a Juris Doctor from the same University’s Law School. At University of Chicago, he is an adjunct professor.






Through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, Eric and his wife are cheerful givers. In November last year, the foundation gave generously to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. The $1 million was donated just a month after donating $ 500,000 in support of Stanford University’s gastric cancer research. The University of Michigan also received $1.2 million for cancer research. Still in November, the foundation donated an additional $250,000 for breast cancer research to Weill Cornell in New York.





What is Tempus



Lefkofsky’s contribution at Tempus, a health-tech system, is largely in building the basics needed to modernize the treatment of cancer. Using algorithms and statistical analysis, Tempus analyzes a lot of genomic data after collecting the same. All this is in an effort to help doctors provide better care: personalized medicine to patience. With Tempus data, doctors are able to come up with better treatment and care plan for patients.



The Key to Success



Eric says there is not one formula to guarantee success.Sometimes fortune has a role to play in one’s successes or failures. Building businesses entirely on the internet during this time of explosive growth has been fortunate according to Eric.

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Groupon Founder’s Next Move: Curing Cancer at Tempus


Philanthropist, financial expert and Businessman –David Osio

Davos Real Estate Group is an independent company that forma Davos Financial Group which is a financial group recognized globally and can also be described as an economic leader in the Lain American market and has been in existence for a long period. Recently the group announced its launch of the mobile application “Davos CAP Calculator.” The aim of the mobile application is to assist real estate customers to approximation their investment return. The Executive Direc6tor of Davos REG Gerald Gonzales has been making efforts together with the technical team at Tecknolution to design a useful tool that will of a great benefit to the real estate investors.

Davos Group has been working on the mobile application app for the last one year, and it has been developed using advanced technology, and it is currently available on the iPhone as well as the Android mobile phones. The application has come at a time when people are busy and it will of create help because it will enable clients to identify properties using their mobile phones and forward the information to their real estate agents at Davos Group through chats. David Osio mentioned that the development of the application was a way of assisting their customers financially and help them to invest in the real estate industry in the United States.

The mobile application will also act as a “Mortgage Calculator” an added advantage to the customers to be able to estimate their properties regarding the banks’ projection know the funding period as well as the interest rates. Since its inception, the Davos Group has been at the forefront of improving their services and products as well developing new relationships with other clients internationally including Europe.

David Osio is well described as an accomplished financial expert. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group which a group of independent and licensed financial firms. Mr. Osio has a vast experience in the financial industry, and before establishing Davos Financial Group, he served at Banco Latino International in Miami as the Vice President of Commercial Banking. From 1989 to1993 he was responsible for supervising the management of all corporate departments, relevant marketing policies, as well as customers’ acquisition management. He can be described as a leader in the financial industry where he gained his leadership skills while working as a Director at Escritorio Juridico MGO in Caracas.

David Osio graduated from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello with a Degree in law in 1988. Osio furthered his studies at Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administstivos and also at the New York Financial Institute. David is not only a financial expert and a businessman, but he also helps the community through his charity works Wayuu Taya Foundations and Children Orthopedic Hospital in Venezuela and him also a member of Symphony Orchestra.

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Business Capital Is Obtained With Powerful Presentations

Getting a Venture Capitalist (VC) to take a business investment proposal seriously starts with a world-class presentation, according to business expert Marc Sparks. He has great professional advice in creating VC presentations that succeed. First on the agenda is to make sure nothing unnecessary or confusing is included. Too much flash and not enough function is a common mistake many people make in their investment offerings.

Sparks does not want anyone to misunderstand, each slide, video, or audio element in a presentation to a potential VC investor should be vivid, accurate in every detail, and smooth. All the data must be instantly explainable with any questions from the VCs. Sparks’ professional specialty is in developing such effective and investment-winning VC presentations. He has done so for many clients over the years.

He will not only do the ground work for a company’s initial VC seeking, he also mentors young entrepreneurs to teach them his portfolio of capital raising techniques.

Timber Creek says that Sparks insists that a business is made or quickly fails, based on the availability of funding to build a long enough runway to make the business fly up into the black ink of profitability as quickly as possible. He teaches them the importance of the age old adage: K.I.S.S., which stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”

This means the VC presentations pop, but they are very real world and not simply creative writing. VCs see right through a ‘vaporware’ proposal. Sparks also advises on the manner of presenting to VCs.

Marc Sparks says never have just one person present, doing the presentation. There should be several people involved in the initial business present and contributing to the overall presentation. Everyone there should be high-energy, eager, willing, and on-board for all the VC members to get an eye and ear full.

He says he has done his process for over 60 client companies. In this way Sparks says he is the consummate serial entrepreneur. Besides helping others launch their businesses, he has owned several of his own, including an auto insurance agency and multiple restaurants.

How Lovaganza Is Uniting The World And Offering A Unique Entertainment Experience

As one of the most established entertainment companies, Lovaganza has embarked on a mission that will see the company offer a unique entertainment experience. Through the Lovaganza celebrations that will be held in 2020, the company is set to unite the entire world through shows that will help to create a sense of unity and love. Lovaganza has been using entertainment to unite communities but this time they are reaching the entire world to share a message of love on Tumblr.

With more than three years left before the main celebrations kick off, Lovaganza has promised to prepare an event that will be historical. Lovaganza also describe the celebrations as the biggest entertainment event to ever be held in the world featuring all countries. The preparations leading to the celebrations in 2020 are already on and in most countries shooting of the trilogies to be used while marketing is almost complete.

Set to initially be held in 2015, the management team of Lovaganza thought the event would not come out as expected if the company adhered to the set timeframe. The components acquired for the event before were not as superior as the ones that will be needed for the event to proceed as required.

Therefore, pushing the event to 2020 was a decision that created time for many things including marketing and planning. The company will procure all the technological components that are needed to make the presentations a success. Lovaganza can also integrate modern technology that is going to ease the implementation of different parts of the celebrations. Reaching the whole world to explain what the event will be all about is the first step the company needs to cater for.

The promotion process
To promote the celebrations, Lovaganza has come up with a team called the Traveling Show, whose purpose will be to travel across the world sharing details about the celebrations. The show will tour several parts of the world and will review the events that the company will air come 2020. It will begin in 2017 and should proceed through 2020.

Lovaganza, apart from uniting the world through entertainment, has also come up with plans to launch a foundation that will help children across the world to receive basic needs and their rights. The Lovaganza Foundation, which will be launched in 2018, will travel to several parts of the world urging governments and different organizations on to support the provision of basic needs and amenities to all children.

Securus Rectifies Multiple Insincere Statements in GTL’s Press Release

Securus Technologies, a company that uses technology to improve living standards of imprisoned persons and streamline the operation of correctional agencies, has corrected misleading and inaccurate statement on Global Tel Link’s press release. Securus is convinced that GTL cannot proceed to seek compensation since the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) has not approved patent No. 7,256,816, and the case is still pending in court.


The PTAB declined to review claims presented by GTL and, thus, the company cannot protect ‘816 patent as it claims. The court hearing is far from taking place since both parties need time to gather more evidence. Therefore, GTL’s one month to the hearing claim is unrealistic and misleading.


Securus has earned a reputation for its adherence to the solid business practices. The company ensures reasonable license agreements are in place before using patent technologies of other firms. Thus, GTL’s claim that Securus is infringing its patented video visitation technology is baseless. GTL’s financial practices are questionable since the company is spending a lot of money and time filing cases, rather than focusing on developing new technology. Rick Tehrani, the CEO of Securus Technologies, has stated that his firm will continue to uphold its reputation by correcting any misleading information released by Global Tel Link. The CEO said that his company was ready for healthy competitions.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technology provides cutting-edge parolee tracking, inmate communications, and information management solutions. It targets correctional agencies and public safety facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and District of Columbia. The Dallas, Texas-headquartered technology firm has regional offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Georgia. It acquired JPay Inc., a premier technology powerhouse that delivered electronic payments, email, and different types of entertainment and educational applications to the correctional market. This acquisition has thrust Securus Technology into the most accomplished provider of services and products such as electronic payment, detainee tablets, and email.