Brazil Needs A New Trading Partner And Britain Is On Top Of The List

The recent Brexit vote in Britain has sent a thunderbolt through the business airwaves around the world. Britain will finally be free from all the senseless bureaucracy and infighting that have become trademarks for the European Union. The British economy and the pound sterling have taken a thrashing since the vote was announced, and this is alarming some of the people that voted to leave the EU. The pound sterling recently dropped to a three-year low against the euro. The pressing question that countries like Brazil, Argentina, and countries in Asia want to know is, when will Britain stand on its own and be able to sign bilateral trade agreements with them. Brazil is especially interested in developing more trade with Britain. Britain accounted for less than 2 percent of Brazil’s annual revenue from exports, according to Flavio Maluf, the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex, one of Brazil’s leading exporters.

Maluf recently sent a letter to Eucatex offices around the world because he wanted to translate what the Brexit vote meant for future business. At times, Maluf sends emails in Portuguese and English, and this was one of those emails. Many Eucatex executives in other offices speak and write Portuguese. In his email, Maluf urged his associates to reach out to British companies and develop a relationship that could translate into a business opportunity. Maluf wanted to get a head start. The British exit process because it could take years before it’s final. That’s the way Flavio operates, and his associates understand that. Maluf is known for making the first move. That’s why Eucatex is one of the largest suppliers of construction materials in the world.

Eucatex is a family-owned business. Flavio’s father started the business near Sao Paulo in 1951. The idea for the company came from eucalyptus trees. The Maluf’s owned a sawmill, and they cut eucalyptus wood for domestic construction companies. Maluf decided to make ceiling tiles out of eucalyptus wood and sell them domestically. The tiles were a hit, and the company began to export. Flavio hopes that Britain will take a close look at Brazil and his company in the near future. Brazil needs an economic partner like Britain, and Britain needs Brazil.