The Passionate Medical Practitioner, Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand of Healthy Aging Medical Centers acquired his education from New York, Albert Einstein Medical Center. From his education, he specializes in rehabilitation and physical medication which lead to aging that is healthy. This method of medication involves treating of various disorders that weaken the muscular and bone, therefore, creating a stronger support structure for the body. Dr. Dov Rand has ensured that the medical practitioners at his centers consist of professionals, who have undergone thorough training in multiple fields of medicine and hence capable of identifying a weakness right and finding a solution that will befit the ailment.


Over the years, various people have south to Dr. Dov Rand’s methods of treatment but then, he excels I the field due to years of dedication that earned him experience and expertise. The patients include outpatients who are suffering from mild diseases such as management of sores and pain. Additionally, they attend to inpatients especially those requiring care of burns, those with an injury of the brain and those experiencing the trauma of the spinal cord.


In addition, Dr. Dov Rand is dedicated to improving the community by ensuring that he passes down his knowledge to others through, constant writings that he submits in conferences and teaching the people in community to maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutritional diet, the right food supplements and exercising such a yoga, so that aging can be grateful. Being an A4M Society fellow and a membership at the Age Management Group, his passion for the pursuit of knowledge has enabled him to partake various classes that expound on physical medication and also reading of materials on the same.


In conclusion, many people are opting to find a way of avoiding invasive surgical methods as treatment for their ailments, Dr. Dov Rand took to this practice a long time ago and is now a role model to many practitioners. The physical and rehabilitation medication system has heed in the fight against chronic illnesses such as polio which had become a pandemic.