JD.com’s Expansion

Earlier today (November 15). JD.com, a Chinese e-commerce and retail infrastructure company announced that it is now one of few companies in the world to be awarded the Seal Business Sustainability Award, which it received earlier this month. It received this honor based on its many contributions to social innovation, commitment to environmentalism, and for its impressive environmental awareness of its Corporate Responsibility Program. Other honorees this year included Apple, Impossible Foods, Nike, Patagpnia, Samsung, and Seventh Generation.

On behalf of the company, JD.com’s head of corporate social responsibility stated the company was extremely honored by the SEAL designation. He said it is an ingrained part of company philosophy to share a deep concern for the continuous improvement of society. JD’s social initiatives, environmental protection, education projects, disaster relief, and poverty alleviation are all accomplished through its presence 47 cities throughout China. Since 2016, it has managed 256 warehouses and 6,906 delivery and pickup stations.

Currently, JD is China’s largest online retailer. It was also by 2016 that it boasted 120,000 merchants on its online marketplace. It is also a member of Fortune Global 500. The online-based company provides its services on its website at www.jd.com and on various mobile applications. Its customers also have the option to pay online or in-person. JD.com first started the business in 1998 and opened up its online platform in 2004. It 2007 it became known as 360buy.com and changed that name to JD.com in 2013. Since that time it has grown astronomically in success in a wide array of areas. It is currently the world’s largest dealer in high tech and AI deliveries. At this time it even constructing drone delivery airports. It remains headquartered in Beijing.

Business Sustainability Awards is only one of Seal’s concentrations. Other award sectors include Environmental Journalism Awards and Environmental Research Grants program.

Original source : https://www.blog.google/around-the-globe/google-asia/partnering-jdcom/