Jennifer Walden Accomplishes It All

Who Is Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon who has gained fame around the world for the quality of her work and the care that she gives to her patients. Jennifer Walden is an individual who grew up in Austin Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Walden first decided that she wanted to get into aesthetic surgery, and she did a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye Ears and Throat Hospital. Walden was able to create her own practice in New York, and she stayed there for a number of years. Walden later decided that she wanted to have a change in her life and start a family, so she got in vitro fertilization and had two boys.

What Walden Does

Dr. Walden was able to start up her own practice in Texas, and she focuses on plastic surgery. Walden’s specialties include the following: eye lifts, face lift, rhinoplastys’, and breast augmentation. Walden also is skilled at Lip- suction and Botox injections.

What Makes Walden Unique

The reason why Dr. Walden is unique in her field is because there are a small number of female doctors who are board certified to practice plastic surgery. Only around 10% of the 8000 board-certified plastic surgeons are women. The reason why Walden believes that plastic surgery is male-dominated is because women have to put off things such as bearing children in order to get into plastic surgery. For plastic surgery, it is necessary to go through medical school and then five years of post medical school after that. Click here to know more.

Doctor Walden Keeps Life In Balance

Walden is an individual who truly puts family first. Walden made the decision to become a single mom, and she wanted her family to help her through that journey. She has two nannies that help her to take care of her sons, so they are under constant and consistent loving care. Apart from that, her family and friends are a huge part of her life. Dr. Walden is truly woman who has been able to accomplish it all.