The Californian Capital Executive Extraordinaire

Have you ever heard of the amazing and talented Timothy D. Armour? He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at The Capital Group Companies Inc. Recently he made a commentary about what Warren Buffet said towards dealing with the process of investment strategy. According to Armour, consumers should and effectively be wary of product labels and what they offer. The volatility risks and opportunity costs of passive index investments are typically unknown or underestimated. It is not about being passive or active, it is about delivering good long-term investment returns. These passive index returns are a much better bet for a good retirement.

Now on to Timothy D. Armour, sometimes called Tim, is the top executive at The Capital Group Companies which is situated in Los Angeles, California. He is a veteran investment manager with thirty-two years of experience which made him the top choice for Chief Executive Officer. In 2015, the fifty-seven year old Armour was to succeed James Rothenberg for the position and he triumphantly thrived that moment he took over. He was determined to use his many years of experience to take the company forward towards success in any obstacles it might have.

About Armour’s education he holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from the wonderful Middlebury College in 1983. He was always a studious and intelligent student. He would always ask questions whenever he needed help or was confused about a class topic. He would also help others who needed it which made him an approachable person and that being a distinguishable feature that would carry on to his work life. All this hard work would help him to successfully become a participant of The Associates Program for The Capital Group Companies Inc. This is where he started as an Equity Investment Analyst, Fund Investment Manager and going up the corporate ladder with other similar positions that he thrived in until he successfully and gracefully become the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for the company.

How Flavio Maluf Transformed Eucatex into a Globally-Recognized Manufacturing Firm

Flavio Maluf’s career spans well over three decades. The Brazilian has worked at the Eucatex group since 1987. Flavio Maluf worked in various sectors in this organization. He started out working in the trading department of the firm. Soon, he was promoted and transferred to the industrial area.

Come 1997, and Mr. Flavio Maluf received an invitation to serve as an executive on the board of Eucatex. He later got appointed as the president of the company. His nomination went through uncontested owing to the exceptional achievements he had overseen in his many years of service. Innovation and diversification have marked his presidency on LinkedIn. Modernization is another outstanding hallmark feature of his tenure.

Eucatex: The Early Years

Eucatex specializes in the production of sheets and panels using eucalyptus as the primary raw material. The first branch of the company set up shop in Salto-Sao Paulo. Back then, the firm only made acoustic ceilings and soft sheets of wood fibers. Their expansion on would eventually see the firm manufacturing insulation and acoustic panels.

Today, the company manufactures furniture and construction materials for projects of all sizes. Their clientele is both local and foreign. Six years ago, Flavio’s company inaugurated a new factory in Salto, Sao Paulo. Soon after, yet another branch opened its doors in the city of Botucatu.

Flavio’s Predictions

Flavio was quoted on Exame magazine some time back commenting on the state of the Brazilian construction industry. He said that the industry was literally on its knees. But he went ahead to add that dismal growth rates would disappear in 2016 moving through to 2017.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf, 55, attained a mechanical engineering degree from the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). He’s studied business at the University of New York, NYU. He is married to Jacqueline de Louedes Torres, and together they have three children. The couple got married in 1986.

The first-born daughter is the recipient of a Chemical Engineering degree from a leading university in London. The second kid ventured into the business world while the last born has intentions of following in the footsteps of the dad as an engineer. The latter hopes to join one of the prestigious Engineering universities in the UK. The seasoned investor is heavily involved with charity work in his community.

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Norman Pattiz Launches New Podcast On Chris Jericho Network

PodcastOne has announced the creation of Beyond the Darkness podcast that explores paranormal activities. The announcement was made by the Chairman, CEO and Founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz. This new podcast will be the latest show on the popular Chris Jericho podcast network, which is under the aegis of PodcastOne. The podcast will feature interesting conversations between researchers and renowned experiencers. It will explore everything paranormal including ghosts, angels, demons, ghouls, aliens and miracles. PodcastOne is the largest podcast network in the US that derives revenue form digital advertisements. Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis will host the show. Listeners should get a new release every Monday on the PodcastOne app for Android and iPhone and on

Mr. Pattiz has praised the impact that Jericho has had on PodcastOne. He particularly applauded Jericho’s evolution from wrestling to comedy and now the paranormal. Chris Jericho, who is best known as a WWE wrestler, revealed his excitement in having Beyond the Darkness as an addition to The Jericho Network. He extoled the virtues of Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader as some of the top podcasters in the world. He warned fans that some of the content of the new show would be extremely scary and disturbing.

PodcastOne is the largest advertisement supported podcast website. It hosts over 200 of the most widespread podcasts from Shaquille O’Neal, Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, Adam Carolla, Chris Jericho, Rich Eisen, Ross Mathews, the Forbes, Malcom McDowell and more.

Norman Pattiz is an internet entrepreneur and businessman. He founded the Westwood One Company which became the largest radio network in the US. Westwood One is provides sports, talk, traffic and news programming for NBC radio, CBS News, NFL Football, CNN radio, NCAA Basketball, the Super Bowl, the Summer Olympic Games and the Mutual Broadcasting System. In 2000, President Clinton appointed Mr. Pattiz to serve on the board for the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The BBG is responsible for overseeing all nonmilitary broadcast services in the US. Under Mr. Pattiz’s leadership the BBG launched an Arabic and Farsi language radio station and expanded television services to 22 countries in the Middle East. President Bush extended his tenure in 2002. In 2010 Norman Pattiz founded the extremely successful podcast network PodcastOne. In recognizing his achievements in radio Mr. Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He was also awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award. Outside of radio broadcasting Mr. Pattiz is the Chairman of the Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.

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Hussein Sajwani, The Billionaire who Relishes His Roots

Hussein Sajwani is one of the top world billionaires. He is the proprietor and CEO of Damac Group company which he founded in 2002. The company which is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, deals with leisure, commercial and residential development projects. It also actively invests in real estate projects.


Allegiance to his Roots


Despite being one of the most influential people today, Hussein Sajwani appreciates his history before Damac Group. A plaque marking the origin of the business is a very different field is placed within the headquarters. The plaque reading is a reference to the work Mr. Sajwani’s earlier business did to the American army during Iraq’s first war in 1991.


Partnership with Donald Trump


Hussein Sajwani spent the New Year eve with fellow real estate titan and the incumbent US president, Donald Trump. Their talk is expected to gain a partnership between Trump Organization and Damac Group. The two have a collaboration in the Trump International Golf Club with $2 billion worth luxury villas are already up for sale. Damac Properties takes pride in the development of the international course located in Dubai.


To solve the conflict of interest issue now that Trump is the president of the US, Hussein Sajwani will work more with Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jnr. According to Mr. Sajwani, the three are already acquainted with the business and good, and under their leadership, they will have no hitches expanding the business relationship. Damac Group with Trump Organization is expected to develop Tiger Woods-designed golf course in 2018.


Success Stories


Hussein Sajwani started the Damac Group in 2002 while the Dubai government gave a decree to allow foreigners to own properties in the Emirates. He started off by buying land in the underdeveloped placed, and within six months, he managed to sell a 38 story residential building. This sale happened way before he struck ground for construction.


That was Hussein Sajwani’s and his Damac Groups milestone to success. Since them, he has contributed a lot in changing the face of Dubai. In his endeavors, he has collaborated with global luxury brands in burnishing Dubai. These include Versace and Fendi which he uses to design apartments and Donald Trump with whom he develops gold courses.

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David Osio – Man Behind Strengthening the Pillars and Expansion of Davos Financial Group

Recently, the launch of “Davos CAP Calculator” was announced by Davos Real Estate Group, which would help the customers to easily calculate the return on investment of the property the consumers might be invested in. This is to help simplify the complex calculations that the investors and customers are often worried about when investing in the real estate market. The Davos Real Estate Group is the part of the conglomerate Davos Financial Group, which is a multi-national financial group and for over two decades has been the leader in Latin America in the sphere of offering comprehensive and result-oriented financial advice and services.

The aim of the Davos Financial Group is to offer personalized investment advice to its customers based on their financial goals and help them with devising an investment strategy while offering financial products and services that they are licensed to offer, that would help them achieve their financial goals. Gerard Gonzalez, who is the executive director of Davos Real Estate Group is the man behind Davos CAP Calculator, and has been working in conjunction with the design company named Tecknolution to develop an application that helps the consumers know the ROI on their real estate investments, after all, other expenses related to the property is taken into the account.

David Osio, CEO of the Davos Financial Group, has an extensive experience in the field of finance and business management spanning over three decades. His company has been an active participant in the Latin American financial market, offering a wide range of financial services and products. The company deals in the field of financial law, financial advising and is also actively attached to various banking services. The Davos Financial Group has many different subsidiaries and companies in different sectors, including investments, real estate, financing, financial advisory, and so on.

After completing his studies in International Banking Law from University of Catolica Andres Bello, he joined Banco Latino International as Vice President of International Banking. At Banco Latino International his responsibilities included making focused marketing strategies to attract more customers and customer retention.

Apart from his degree in law, David Osio has studied equity portfolio management from Institute of Finance In New York and finance at Instituto De Estudios Superiores Administrativos. Due to his immense contribution in the field of finance and business management and an array of achievements throughout his career, he was given South Florida Business Leader award in 2009, and the same year was also given the Movers and Shakers award.


The Davos Financial Group and David Osio

Just recently, the Davos Real Estate Group introduced their Davos CAP Calculator, an app that helps both current and prospective clients to calculate the potential return on real estate investment property. The app is available on both the iPhone and Android platforms and it assists the investor to quickly calculate the potential rent compared to the purchase price of the property.


The Davos Real Estate Group is under the wing of the Davos Financial Group, a multinational investment company owned and operated by David Osio, a long time success in the investment community of several continents and countries of the world.


Mr. Osio has a long and successful history of holding key investment positions in the investment banking industry, investment law, and as the President and CEO of several major investment companies both in Latin America, North America, and Europe.


His entire training and industry focus has been in the diversified investment community, and he is well-known on a worldwide basis for his wisdom and investment knowledge. After having spent a good deal of time running other people’s companies, in 1993, Mr. Osio decided to form his company, and that is how The Davos companies were born.


Starting in Venezuela, Mr. Osio organized his company to only works with a select group of clients as far as offering financial advice. This allowed Mr. Osio and his colleagues the opportunity to fine-tune procedures and determine what worked well and what did not.


This process allowed Mr. Osio the chance to form a leadership team who took on the advent of attracting a larger group of clients and the business prospered and grew. The object of tailoring each financial campaign to the needs, resources and objectives of each client was the system that set Davos apart from the competition.


Each separate financial company is formed under the umbrella of Davos Financial Group and is distinctive to each investor’s individual needs as he or she walks the path of investment management with the various advisors assigned to them.


Since Davos keeps tabs on investments on a worldwide basis, there is an unlimited choice of what types of investments will fit investors who come to Davos for advice. This strategy not only allows for great diversification, but investments are available in niches that would possibly not be available if the scope was limited to just one country.


The Davos CAP calculator is just one tool that aids investors and advisors alike, as the Davos Financial Group reaches out to more and more clients all over the world.



Philanthropist, financial expert and Businessman –David Osio

Davos Real Estate Group is an independent company that forma Davos Financial Group which is a financial group recognized globally and can also be described as an economic leader in the Lain American market and has been in existence for a long period. Recently the group announced its launch of the mobile application “Davos CAP Calculator.” The aim of the mobile application is to assist real estate customers to approximation their investment return. The Executive Direc6tor of Davos REG Gerald Gonzales has been making efforts together with the technical team at Tecknolution to design a useful tool that will of a great benefit to the real estate investors.

Davos Group has been working on the mobile application app for the last one year, and it has been developed using advanced technology, and it is currently available on the iPhone as well as the Android mobile phones. The application has come at a time when people are busy and it will of create help because it will enable clients to identify properties using their mobile phones and forward the information to their real estate agents at Davos Group through chats. David Osio mentioned that the development of the application was a way of assisting their customers financially and help them to invest in the real estate industry in the United States.

The mobile application will also act as a “Mortgage Calculator” an added advantage to the customers to be able to estimate their properties regarding the banks’ projection know the funding period as well as the interest rates. Since its inception, the Davos Group has been at the forefront of improving their services and products as well developing new relationships with other clients internationally including Europe.

David Osio is well described as an accomplished financial expert. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group which a group of independent and licensed financial firms. Mr. Osio has a vast experience in the financial industry, and before establishing Davos Financial Group, he served at Banco Latino International in Miami as the Vice President of Commercial Banking. From 1989 to1993 he was responsible for supervising the management of all corporate departments, relevant marketing policies, as well as customers’ acquisition management. He can be described as a leader in the financial industry where he gained his leadership skills while working as a Director at Escritorio Juridico MGO in Caracas.

David Osio graduated from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello with a Degree in law in 1988. Osio furthered his studies at Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administstivos and also at the New York Financial Institute. David is not only a financial expert and a businessman, but he also helps the community through his charity works Wayuu Taya Foundations and Children Orthopedic Hospital in Venezuela and him also a member of Symphony Orchestra.

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Kenneth Goodgame’s Formula For Success

Kenneth Goodgame has more than made his professional impression in marketing, sales, and retail merchandising. As an extremely competent operations management leader, Ken’s focus is on creating high dollar excellence by combining original thought with smart business marketing strategies. By cultivating a more balanced corporate alignment, employee dedication, key performance data, and of course quality control, he knows all improve performance as well as prospects for the future.

Kenneth Goodgame’s natural leadership ability encourages growth through quality improvements, effective cost analysis, and his ability to move through shifts in the market while avoiding expensive stalls or mistakes. An ability to communicate one on one with others is a large part of his success, and hard work through the years makes up the rest. In very simple terms, when Ken takes on a mission things get done right, and business always improves.

In 2014, through Kenneth’s efforts, True Value appeared on national television for the first time in 10 years. Shortly thereafter, there was an 8% increase in store patrons, retail comps went up 4%, and a 9% increase in average ticket amounts was recorded. He was also responsible for the creation of “New at True Value” a 4 SKU end cap program that is supported by nearly 3,000 stores.

Since graduating from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Kenneth Goodgame has come a very long way in a competitive business. Surviving can be tough enough, but to thrive as he has really speaks well of him, and his drive to succeed. Since he shows no sign of slowing down, it should be interesting to see where the years to come take a man like him.

Raj Fernando’s Life and Career Background

Raj Fernando is an established bond trader who has founded two companies. In 2002, he founded his first company Chopper Traders, which he later sold to DRW Trading group. After selling Chopper Trader, he founded, a company that provides innovative communication technology solutions to its clients.

Chopper Trading was recognized as the fastest growing company in Chicago’s financial market. Its team of experts was respected for their experience and standard service. This was due to Raj Fernando’s unique skills in encouraging teamwork.

When recruiting new employees, Raj ensures that he picks a candidate who is passionate about his career. This is the reason why Chopper Trading did not face employee turnover. Some of the most critical skills Raj Fernando considers when recruiting include;

1. Implying the real picture of a company
When Raj’s hiring team attends job fairs, they ensure that they do not appear unapproachable by dressing in expensive attires. Selected candidates are taken around the company to familiarize with the working environment they will be operating in once they are hired. Raj says that their primary aim is to select a candidate who will retire from their company.

2. Taking time to gauge a candidates’ exceptional skills
Raj’s recruiting team takes the time to measure a candidate’s talent by using brain teasers and follow up questions to evaluate a candidate’s ability to solve various business issues. Raj says that during an interview they don’t have a particular skill they are looking for, but their primary focus is on the different skills that a candidate demonstrates.

3. Using a company’ s employees to gauge candidates
Afterward, candidates who demonstrate exceptional skills are given a chance to interact with the company’s employees. The employees will assess if the candidates are worth working with them. If more employees recommend a candidate, then that candidate is chosen to joining their team.

Besides being an established business person, Raj Fernando also supports various charitable organizations in United States. Some of them include Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Holocaust Museum, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and PAWS Chicago. In his free time, he loves working out or playing guitar.

From Digital Evolution To Xprize: Eric Pulier’s Career

Software developer and philanthropist Eric Pulier believes in young people changing the world. That’s what Xprize, the organization he serves on the board of innovation for is all about. X-prize hosts competitions that encourage young up and coming entrepreneurs to come up with ideas for how a technological patent can change lives in the future. There are special cases for how it’s done, but the organization has already partnered up with some big organizations such as IBM’s Watson, and Team Synergy Moon. Eric Pulier has the pedigree to serve on this board, having made technology developments over the years himself.

Pulier is a graduate of Harvard, earning a degree in English and American literature, but opting to go into the technology world instead. He got into software development, and decided to start an interactive media agency called Digital Evolution. The company changed names several times, but is now currently known as US Interactive Media. Pulier also started up several enterprise cloud computing solutions including Akana, Desktone, and ServiceMesh, and also is author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, and even started up the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Pulier is also a political activist, serving multiple years under former president Bill Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore. He’s been an advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative, and also was the leader of “Bridge to the 21st Century.” This was an exhibition to celebrate former President Clinton’s reelection in 1996, and the audience that saw this exhibition was given a glimpse at new patents that would change everyday life in the 21st century.

Pulier also has a heart for young children, as he’s a father of four himself. He helped launch Starbright World in 1998. This was a program that brought virtual reality and video conferencing platforms to children’s hospitals and gave the young patients an inside view of certain chronic illnesses. Pulier also is on the board at The Painted Turtle, a summer camp in California that gives children with handicaps and ailments a chance to enjoy outdoor activities.

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