Why George Soros Created the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros is not only a liberal billionaire, but also an avid subscriber to the Open Society philosophy: like all ardent students of Karl Popper. He has always been a student of the Australian philosopher’s school of thought since his formative years in school and has remained so in conviction and persuasion. The popular philosopher, who made such a heavy impact on George Soros, was not the initial proponent of the philosophy but Henri Bergson. He only made significant improvements to Henri Bergson’s arguments when he published the Open Society and Its Enemies (1945). The publication argues that although different societies, individuals, and groups have answers to society, morality, religion, and government, none of them has ever had the ultimate answer.

According to Henri Bergson, of whom Karl Popper supports, all totalitarian regimes like the Nazis and the Communists fail to recognize that other societies get certain societal concepts more accurately than them. The regimes, in their fallacious conviction that their way of life is superior than those of others, the regimes impose their way of life on others through economic sanctions and violent intimidation. An example of a totalitarian regime that wrongfully tried to impose their great way of life on the world was the Nazi regime. The regime felt that their race was the supreme race and that it was wrong for it to co-exist and interbreed with other races. They perceived Jews to be inferior.

Therefore, they encroached on Hungary and killed over 500,000 Hungarian Jews in an effort to cleanse their race out of the region. George Soros and his kin had to lie low and conceal their Jewish identities to survive. They did so by faking their identity documents and helping other Jews to do the same. George Soros later made it out of Budapest and went to the London School of Economics to lay a foundation for his future. At the London School of Economics, George did not only learn Economics but Philosophy as well. He scrutinized Karl Popper’s publication by the title ‘the Open Society and Its Enemies (1945)‘ and understood the importance of pushing liberal causes through philanthropy.

Ever since he moved to the United States and started making his fortunes through predicting the performance of currencies and making suitable investments, he kept on making efforts to make the world as liberal as he could. Up to date, the philanthropic billionaire has given out over 12 billion dollars to causes that support the pursuit of freedom and justice for the oppressed.Most of his charitable donations are always associated with the Open Society Foundations which he created in the 1970s to help out the oppressed across the globe in over 100 countries.