Thor Halvorssen’s Critique of Socialism

Many people have had a lot of trouble digesting all of the information and argumentation that has come through the 2016 Presidential Election. Sometimes it seems like drinking from a fire hose. On the other hand, it can also seem as though everything is so shallow. Many politicians will offer a surface presentation of a controversial political issue and act as though there is no latitude. The presentation of socialism by Senator Bernie Sanders is perhaps one of the most obvious examples of this. In this video, Thor Halvorssen argued that there is a lot of latitude to socialism. He suggested that surface presentations are wildly misleading.


Easily Corrupted

Socialism is classically presented as a solution to corruption. Since there is so much greed in Wall Street, we need to put them in their place. The government needs to swoop in and moderate everything to ensure that the rich do not become outrageously wealthy while the poor are starving. There are a few obvious problems with this. Most importantly, this lends far too much power to the government. This is a classic example of what is known as “big government.” It is far too simplistic to say that we should give the government all of the power so that they can solve all of the national problems.


The reason that the United States has the system of government that it does is that it prevents corruption. There may be some corruption, but there are layers through which they corruption needs to penetrate. In a socialistic model, with all of the power consolidated at the top, it is extremely easy for the government to be corrupted. Bernie Sanders may be a fine gentlemen, but what will happen when the next socialist comes in to office? What if he or she is not so kind-hearted? A nefarious individual would make for a nefarious government. A socialistic model bends to the will of the government, whether that government is malevolent or not.
But in a Republic, such as the United States, the federal government remains small, delegating authority to the states, hence making corruption far more difficult.

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