Steve Ritchie Approaches Papa John’s Customers With a Sincere Apology and Empathy

Papa John’s is transforming the brand by addressing diversity and inclusion to regain the trust of customers and sponsors. Inc. News reported Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of the pizza company and wrote an apologetic letter to their customers in July 2018. It’s his way of showing them empathy and apologizing on behalf of the franchisees, workers, and the business. It was his second letter which laid out what he is doing about earning the trust of customers. His approach is the first step to rebuild trustworthiness of the franchises and global corporate team members.

In the letter Steve Ritchie wrote to customers, he reminded them that the brand is a pizza company with 120,000 corporate and franchise members around the world. The local owners and operators of Papa John’s franchises are devotees to their communities by serving and contributing financial support. Ritchie commits to the pizza company and stands accountable for attempting to improve the business’s culture. For 22 years, he helped to lead the business accomplishing international growth and expansion. He said in the correspondent he’s leading the endeavor of accountability and wishes the teams continue to serve them with great honor.

What Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is doing to regain the trust of Papa John’s customers is hiring audit professionals to evaluate the company. The evaluation will involve observing its culture and practices to identify strengths and weaknesses that will help with improvements. The company’s senior management team are receiving training on communicating effectively with workers and franchisees. They will collect feedback and recommendations for improving the cultural environment in the workplace and with customers.

As the new Chief Executive Office for Papa John’s (@PapaJohns), Steve Ritchie apologizes to customers and thank them for their loyalty. He showed compassion and assures them the company is taking the necessary steps to build trust. They will set transparent goals after the audit professionals complete their evaluation of the pizza company’s culture and business practices. The overall mission is to attract their loyal customers and new pizza lovers.

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