Stansberry Research: Promoting Knowledge-based Investment

The primary objective of investing is to realize a return on investment. For investors, the commodities market provide unique and profitable investment opportunities that if effectively exploited can yield higher returns. According to Stansberry Digest’s editor, Justin Brill, realizing high returns from investing in the resource market is dependent on the ability of an investor to understand the cyclic nature of commodities. That is, the busts and booms in the supply and demand for commodities.


Based on his knowledge of investment accumulated through his editorial duties at Stansberry Research, Mr. Brill believes that investing in commodities during price busts can be profitable during price booms. Relying on the vast industry knowledge of Stansberry Research’s editor Dr. Steve Sjuggerud and Brett Eversole, a senior analyst at the financial research firm, Mr. Brill predicts that the next commodity cycles are in the offing. He predicts that coffee and medical marijuana are on the brink of enjoying a major boom because they are at the end of their bust cycles. However, he cautions that medical marijuana is encumbered by legal challenges especially in the United States where it is banned by federal laws despite widespread legalization across various states and countries.


Stansberry Research: Company Profile


Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Stansberry Research is one of the world’s leading investment research company with specialization is key industries including power, natural resources, and biotechnology industries. Its newsletters and knowledge-based commentaries by its analysts and editors also cover other sectors such as mining, healthcare, and oil. With subscribers drawn from over 100 countries, the company founded by Frank Porter Stansberry in 1999 is also an authority in corporate bonds and financial markets. The team of experienced editors and analysts at the company has played an integral role in the exponential growth of the company.


Stansberry Research’s editorial team is made up of highly experienced individuals with vast knowledge of investment banking and various fields the company focuses its researches. Porter Stansberry is a financial specialist while Matt Badiali, an editor at the company, is a specialist in Geology and Earth Sciences. Others include senior analyst Austin G. Root who is also a director and manager at the company. Other editors include David Eifrig Jr. who holds a doctor medicine degree, Steve Sjuggerud, and Dan Ferris.