Securus Technologies: Offering Prisoners Basic Communication Services

Prison industries are some of the most untapped of sectors when it comes to setting up services and businesses. The prison environmental is extremely reliant on small money and people who are incarcerated, which is why being successful at this is no easy task. One company that has managed to break the mold and emerge as a good player in the sector is Securus Technologies. The company has been in the business of prison communications for a long period, which is why it knows what they need to provide, and who they have to provide it to. The company is tied up with several prisons across the country, and also offers its services to a few centers in Canada.


Inmate communication is an essential part of the rehabilitation process that they go through. Staying in touch with the outside world is important for the development of the people on the inside, and helps them keep track of what is going in. Communication is essential, and Securus Technologies knows this, which is why they aim to provide an extremely high quality of services. The company offers both videos calling as well as voice calling options, which inmates can opt for provided that they keep in touch with the rules and regulations of the prison as well as Securus Technologies. To make the process of making calls a lot easier, the company installed a system of personal accounts in place. Family and friends on the outside are allowed to send money to these accounts for the inmates to use as they please. The company also has a post paid system in place according to which one receives a bill at the end of the month regarding the expenses that one has for the calls. This has made the entire exchange a lot easier and a lot more efficient.