Ronald Fowlkes, The Journey So Far While Serving The Nation

More often than not, stories told about misdeeds, and wrongful acts lead to the uncovering of facts about crooked law enforcement agents, some of which are penalized for their actions, while the others go scot-free. While these stories do make people feel that there is no justice in the world, a few law enforcement agents do everything in their power to restore the balance and serve the country. One such law personnel is Ronald Fowlkes who has dedicated served the USA since 1989.

Ronald Fowlkes is the current Business Development Manager, which is an integral part of the Law Enforcement and Commercial products for the company Eagle Industries Unlimited. Ronald Fowlkes began his path towards serving the nation by signing up with the United States Marine Corps in the year 1989. He worked with this organization until 1993, and during his term, he was promoted more than once as a result of skills, hard work, and dedication to the cause. He is a veteran of the First Gulf War with a plethora of knowledge and experience about combat techniques used during wars.

Marine Combat training coupled with other certifications from the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company and NSWF amongst many others, Ronald Fowles also graduated with an Engineering diploma that helped him strengthen his job skills. Considered by many as a man with some of the tactical skills, he has also tied up with ANGLICO to be a part of the core air and naval gunfire taskforce. This team was in charge of utilizing various radio equipment, some of which were encrypted, while others weren’t. Making efficient use of MULE lasers was also one of the tasks this team was in charge of undertaking while on the job.

As a Defense Contractor associated with organizations such as The Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, this skilled law personnel also successfully performed various tasks while being posted at Iraq. Some of the assigned tasks included mounting and dismounting infantry in live situations as well as evidence collection and post-blast data collection and analysis. CQB, hostage rescues and tactical interrogation of detained suspects were also part of his job profile.

Being termed as a certified instructor for shoot house, tactical gun operations as well as being able to fully utilize tactical defense techniques while training others and in live environments has helped Ronald Fowlkes reach a new level of success. He is also a SWAT warfare tactics trainer and had real-life experience with the self-initiated questioning of massive scale gang-related crimes. He has also been a part of core teams that handle illegal gun possessions of reported people as well as halting contraband items like narcotics from being distributed in the country.