Partner Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has partnered with environmentalist Jordan Rubin on many of his local causes and eco charity events: Everything to help God’s good, green earth survive and thrive is what Alfonso loves. He’s also good at what he does: delivering media stories and press. He and Rubin have promoted more than a dozen campaigns in the last seven years alone, and these have been for numerous different agencies that Mr. Rubin supports. They’ve also endorsed several of Rubin’s healthy living and environmental books on countless topics to help promote green life and a more organic ecosystem through only purchasing grocery products and vitamins or supplements of quality.

Alfonso’s Father and More – His Thoughts on Landscape Design

If a good design’s invisible, you might not notice those intentional choices that often go into designing your landscape. It’s the work of any landscape architect to subtly guide his clients through the physical space and shape how they interact with it, and it’s more than choosing potted plants. Alfonso’s father has worked for countless firms on projects that ranged from public infrastructure to Walt Disney Imagineering landscapes, and he now works in sustainable urban design for LPA Inc.

Alfonso’s father is a licensed landscape architect, giving him the authority to legally call himself a landscape architect, to sign documents into construction, and even to explain to others that he does more than residential. Currently, he works for multi-disciplinary design firm – LPA Inc. – in its Orange County office, specifically within the Urban Design Studio. Alfonso has 10 years of experience in having worked for four very different media companies and has covered nearly every market segment imaginable. Currently, his portfolio for LPA’s Urban Design Studio focuses on civic realms, healthcare, life science, and even several other targeted developers.