As Olympic Valley Incorporation Efforts Fail Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Looks Forward

A recent article in the Reno Gazette Journal, “Squaw-Alpine Boss Looks to Turn Page on “Divisive’

Fight highlights the recently ended political battle that has taken place over the last four years between Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, owner and operator of Squaw Valley-Alpine Resort and a group seeking to incorporate the area. Those backing incorporation have formally withdrawn their request, due to the California’s Local Agency Formation’s determination that the proposed town would not be financially viable.

Both sides fought hard, with each reportedly spending “hundreds of thousands” on their respective campaigns. The group seeking incorporation wanted local control over development plans, while Squaw Valley Ski Holdings , led by CEO Andy Wirth, fought against what they saw as the possibility of higher taxes, decreased local services and isolation from other North Shore communities with whom they currently work on regional issues.

Now that the incorporation battle has essentially ended, CEO Wirth is hoping for healing, unity and progress. Wirth hopes to work cooperatively on transportation and other issues that move the area forward.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has a love of the outdoors embedded deeply in his family history, as his grandfather, Conrad Wirth, served at Director of the United States National Park Service. Wirth has worked in the mountain resort and hotel industry for three decades, beginning at the Steamboat Springs Resort in 1986, where he served until being named CEO of Squaw Valley.

Under Andy Wirth’s leadership, Squaw Valley received a $70 million upgrade and vastly improved their customer experience to become a top ski resort in customer satisfaction. Wirth also oversaw the acquisition and merger of Alpine Meadows with Squaw Valley. In 2013, Wirth survived a skydiving accident in which his arm was severed from his body and was subsequently surgically reattached.

SEC’s $17 Million Award Highlights Whistleblower Program


Individuals who give the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) information about possible fraud and other securities law violations may be eligible for a reward through the SEC Whistleblower Program. The program also prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who submit information about a violation that occurred in the past, is ongoing or that will happen in the future. To claim a reward a person must give the SEC original information that leads to a monetary sanction that totals at least one million dollars.

An unidentified whistleblower recently received a $17 million reward for information about a firm in the financial services industry. This is not the largest reward ever given for information that led to sanctions; one whistleblower received $30 million. The New York law firm, Labaton Sucharow, that represented the whistleblower said their client was the only person to receive the award, since more than one person can act as the whistleblower. Submitting information anonymously is possible if an individual has an attorney submit the required form, however, the SEC does not release whistleblower’s identities.

It takes a while for eligible persons to receive a whistleblower award. There is an investigation and then, if they find violations, the SEC will open a case. Litigation is possible, so it typically takes a significant amount of time before an individual receives their reward for their information.

Whistleblowers are typically employees of the company that they report for possible securities violations because they have access to detailed information and they can provide the SEC examples with specific examples. Anyone with precise information about potential violations may submit a tip about a friend, neighbor or relative. After an individual fills out the form, it goes to the SEC’s accountants and attorneys for review, therefore, a person cannot present a general statement that someone is committing securities fraud. The SEC needs detailed examples to open an investigation. Examples of wrongdoing include misrepresenting securities, insider trading or any violations of federal securities laws. Anyone who isn’t sure that their information qualifies or anyone who wonders if they are eligible to submit a tip through the Whistleblower program should talk to an attorney specializing in whistleblower advocacy.

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Avi Weisfogel Helps Raise Money For Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel has been raising money for Operation Smile for some time, and the charity has been running on major donations to help meet the needs of people around the door. The charity sends mobile units to areas that do not have dentists, and people like Avi Weisfogel offer the help that is needed. A kid who needs a better smile can get that smile easily, and those same kids will have a chance to make a change in their lives that is very powerful. These kids will feel amazing, and their families will get the same services.

The GoFundMe page that Avi Weisfogel put together has his own statement for the charity, and he is sharing it with people who might want to donate. Getting as many donations as possible is very important for the charity, and it will help people make the trips that need to be made. The charity wants to bring along as many people as possible, and they are trying to figure out how they can bring more dentists. Avi Weisfogel brings his friends with him on some of his trips, and he tries to make sure that he can give people the things they need with donations that kind people offer. It is the only way to help a charity move forward into the future.

Anyone who is moved to give can do that easily, and these people will have a receipt that allows them to write off their donation. It is also important that the people who are giving make sure they give as many times as they can. Avi Weisfogel will get to meet some of the families that he has seen many times, and that makes it even more special. He has a relationship with these people and he wants to keep seeing them so they know that they are cared for. Everyone who gives to the Operation Smile GoFundMe will be helping a great cause, and they will find out that they can get something back in return for giving. They get the gift of caring for others more than themselves.

Anthony Marsala COO Of Madison Street Capital Is Honored By M&A Advisor

Big Corporate mergers are being pronounced dead before they get started these days. The merger and acquisition industry is under government scrutiny especially if the companies involved are big-hitters in their industry. But Chicago-based Madison Street Capital is not in business to help big corporations merge with each other. Co-Founder Anthony Marsala told the Chicago Tribune recently that his company works with small and medium size companies that want to merge or be acquired. The Tribune was doing an article on Marsala because of the recent announcement that he won the Emerging Leaders Award given by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts every year. Marsala is receiving the award for his outstanding financial performance in the merger and acquisition industry. The article said Marsala will receive the award at a gala in June in New York City.

Madison Street Capital is a leader in valuation analysis, solvency analysis, valuations, and debt reorganization. The company also has a hedge fund division run by the other co-founder, Charles Botchway. Botchway and Marsala started Madison Street Capital in 2005, and it didn’t take long for the pair to make their mark in the financial industry. Both men have a long term proven track records in finance, so the partnership was a perfect match. Marsala focuses on mergers around the world, and Botchway focuses on investments in emerging markets as well as in developed countries. did an article on Madison Street and in that article, Madison Street was profiled as an investment firm that can raise capital quickly, and analyze the profitability of companies faster than other investment firms.

Botchway likes to call his company an investment firm that cares about its clients once the deals are completed. The rate of mergers and acquisitions was cut in half in the first quarter of 2016, but Madison Street Capital’s M&A activity was stronger than ever. The number of deals and the value of the deals were down during the first three months of 2016, but that news didn’t include Madison Street Capital’s activity. Botchway said a number of big deals fell through because of new laws and more restrictions. Those restrictions were put in place so big companies would still have to pay taxes at the higher rate that most conglomerates want to avoid. The total value of merger and acquisitions in the first quarter of 2016 was more than $300 million less than the value of the mergers than were completed in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to Mr. Botchway.

One of the major deals that didn’t happen was the pharmaceutical merger between Pfizer and Allergan. That was a $160 billion merger, but new Treasury Department regulations put a stop to that deal, according to Botchway.

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Create Wealth With Richard Blair

Looking to the future is more perilous than it ever has been. Although as time passes many tend to say the same thing for each and every generation. This is all the more reason to seek out the expertise of a sound financial plan with the help of a reputable financial planner. Richard Blair has the credentials to offer the most unprepared person who is hoping to stave off being financially challenged in retirement. It is never too late to begin planning. The best step is to starting with a visit to Wealth Solutions in Bee Cave, Texas. This is where Richard Blair has offered his services for over 24 years.

Now, some might think using the services of an Investment Advisor is not only expensive but unnecessary. However, there are so many advantages to seeking out the assistance and guidance of a Certified Financial Planner. Being of this profession, Richard Blair provided advice regarding securities in the realm of finances. Because he also has a Financial Planner Certification, Richard can give the most up to date and pertinent advice so that those who seek his aid will be well positioned to achieve their financial goals.

The company that he founded, Wealth Solutions, is an investment firm that is registered with the Federal Securities Commission. The main offerings of Wealth Solutions are not only Wealth Management but Financial Planning and Retirement Planning. Richard specializes in assisting his clients in establishing an investment portfolio. Being certified as an Investment Advisor, a Retirement Income Certified Professional as well as being Certified as an Annuity Specialist, Estate and Trust Specialist and Fund Specialist, he is well endowed with the full spectrum of tools for this endeavor. Anyone who needs to create wealth and a nest egg will be well served by Richard in this pursuit.

The world of education has stimulated the desire that Richard has to guide and enlighten others who seek to learn how to create wealth for themselves in the best possible way. Being the son and grandson of teachers, with his mother and grandmother being engaged in the teaching profession, Richard discovered that he could offer solutions to his clients while educating them in these arenas of planning financial and investment portfolios. Since 1993, when he graduated from college, the first goal he accomplished was to become a professional in financial services industry and soon after, in 1994, he founded Wealth Solutions and has been successfully creating wealth with his clients ever since.

Madison Street Capital’s COO Anthony Marsala Is Honored At An M&A Advisor Gala

Even though merger and acquisition deals are falling apart left and right this year, Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based investment firm, is doing better than most M&A managers. The success of Madison Street Capital’s merger and acquisition division is due to COO, Anthony Marsala. Tony Marsala is an awarding winning financial expert and co-founder of Madison Street Capital. M&A Advisor recently named Marsala one of the winners of the 2016 Emerging Leaders Award in finance, according to an article published by the Chicago Tribune. Marsala will receive his award in New York City at the Athletic Club in Manhattan.

This is not the first award Marsala has earned over his 15-year career. Tony has been recognized for his outstanding work in finance analysis, strategic planning, valuation projections and merger and acquisition analysis. Small and medium-size companies are the type of companies that Marsala likes to help. Madison Street Capital makes merger deals around the world and the firm also helps companies acquire other companies in emerging markets.

The total value of the first quarter merger and acquisition deals in 2016 was $283 million. In the fourth quarter of 2015, the total was$530 million. Marsala told that many of the large merger and acquisition deals were squashed by the federal government, but Madison Street Capital is still making M&A deals without government interference. The reason Madison Street Capital is so successful is Marsala picks companies that don’t pose a threat to the free enterprise system, or they won’t be considered a monopoly after the deal is completed.

CEO Charles Botchway recently told the Chicago Tribune that the Madison Street Capital hedge fund division is on track to produce better-than-expected returns thanks to a successful three-year plan. Even though a lot of hedge funds are only producing a 2 percent return, Madison Street Capital is still turning in better than the industry returns. Most of the Madison Street Capital assets are in emerging markets that are performing better than the so-called BRICS countries. Mexico and India are turning in record gross domestic product numbers, and Botchway said Madison Street has assets in those countries.

But the spotlight is on COO Anthony Marsala for his outstanding merger and acquisition performance in 2015. Marsala expects more M&A action in 2016. It’s true that many large mergers and acquisitions are not happening because of the size of the mergers and the fear that the marketplace will suffer if those deals happen. But Marsala believes medium size companies are in the market for a merger in 2016. Companies in Europe, South America, and Asia need help, and Madison Street Capital’s Marsala will find a perfect match for those companies. That’s what Marsala does best. He brings the world together one merger at a time.

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Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

Online Real Time Communications WebRTC Added to TalkFusion

Friday, May 20 TalkFusion releases the launch of another innovation in their communications technology. The WebRTC Technology will hit the market which is a browser real time communication, so their clients can reach customers faster and clearer. They can record quality videos for their Video Emails or Video Newsletters, two services TalkFusion provides.

They have provided clients the ability to help connect with their customers in real time. Chrome and Safari are the two web browsers that work well with this product.
This product has already won the “WebRTC product of the year” from Technology Marketing Corporation. Chrome and Safari are the two web browsers that work well with this product. To show off this new product, 30 day free trials are available for any potential client to experience the high quality communication of WebRTC coupled with Video Emails and Video Newsletters. They can access the entire product line risk free, no credit required, for 30 days.

TalkFusion provides video marketing solutions for businesses or individuals. They help their clients connect with customers in a high quality online meetings and video emails. The product suite is designed to help build small businesses to grow their brand online. A company can chat from any device, hold online meetings, keep track of mailing lists, and track results. TalkFusion helps businesses to edge out competitors with state of the art, innovative communication technology. High profile companies, such as Applebee’s and Make-A-Wish, use TalkFusion. Their 30 day risk free trial will help any business see the advantage of their products.

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon Now Implicated In Campaign Finance Violations

It’s not been a good last couple years for George Gascón, the San Francisco district attorney who now finds himself charged with campaign finance violations and under investigation by the Ethics Commission. The Ethics Commission has stated that Gascón knowingly violated the rules for fundraising by accepting campaign donations from other city hall members and workers during his 2014 reelection campaign. Gascón has tried to fight back against these charges, claiming he did not know those rules existed, even though Paul Renne, Chairman of the Ethics commission stated that Gascón had been given information pertaining to campaign financing ethics. Gascón has been fined $4,000, jus a slap on the wrist maybe but it further damaged his reputation and unpopularity with other city officials.

Gascón has been embroiled for some time now in a struggle with the San Francisco Police Department, an issue delving into what he alleges are misconduct by officers and engaging in corrupt practices. In fact Gascón’s office had setup a panel to investigate into the police department’s practices and the amount of transparency they had with the public, but the police union struck back in what became a war between them and Gascón. Spokespeople for the union labeled Gascón as a “hypocrite” and a “fraud” because according to one account, Gascón had engaged in some racial and ethnic slandering at an event some years ago, and therefore should not be the one making allegations about police misconduct.

And if that wasn’t enough, Gascón’s own office found itself at the center of a civil suit alleging it allowed a hostile work environment earlier this year when a woman who worked in the office claims a co-worker hurled a racial epithet at her. The term “hypocrite” certainly seems to have stuck to Gascón after this current illegal campaign financing charge was brought about. It was his office after all that had just implicated certain well-known figures, including Senator Leland Yee, in a series of crimes related to illegal election fundraising and money laundering.


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Online Social Media Dangerous For College Athletes’ Reputations

Online social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are wonderful technologies. However, many college athletes have gotten into some hot water because of careless posts to social media. Even something seemingly as innocuous as mentioning that a teammate has been injured can turn into a negative PR can of worms. It is sometimes difficult to predict just how a simple post on such web sites will land. It could mostly be ignored or laughed off. But, sometimes it becomes the start of scary negative backlash, even to the point of getting athletes suspended.

Coaches and college administrators are going to extra lengths to educate athletes about the consequences of their behaviors when interacting with others or even making simple statement posts. They are being told to start becoming more aware of how their reputations can be negatively affected by such social media posts. They emphasize that the sports organizations they are a part of are like a family, which must be protected. This gives them a position from which to work from.

Furthermore, these athletes are informed how much the transparency of social media can affect their livelihoods in the future. Most employers now review social media as part of their decision to hire someone. Of course, this issue is important for everyone. But, young athletes are especially exposed and especially vulnerable. Even a little slip with this new transparent technology can be quite impactful. Read more about this on Indy Star.

Luiciana Lossio: A Trailblazer for all Women

Luciana Lossio may be the current TSE Minister, but did not take the easy road to get there. She is a highly educated woman who even as a lawyer represented some highly influential persons in Brazil. That is not always an easy task. Luciana also has three graduate degrees proving she is a highly educated person .

Luciana was also the first woman to hold the position of Substitute Minister of the Superior Electoral Court in 2011, which really catapulted her career and brought her into the spotlight. Luciana has always paved new paths in her career. She has held some very elite positions and worked on extremely complex cases as an attorney. She served seven years in the Attorney Generals office where she learned to handle very difficult cases, preparing her for the role she has now.

Even with all of her amazing accomplishments, Luciana still represents her country in a very unexpected way, through equestrian competition. Luciana spends her free weekends riding and training horseback riding. She has represented and won multiple equestrian events nationally and internationally for Brazil.

Luciana has graduated from school with three different postgraduate degrees in civil procedure, law, and legal order and prosecution. Upon completion of the Bar Association of Brazil in 1999 she began practicing law before joining the Attorney Generals office where she worked hard for seven years. Then she was appointed to Substitute Minister.

However, even after all of her accolades and hard work in the legal arena, her passion and possibly area of most accomplishment is with her horses. She has been riding since she was six-years old. Because of her lifelong dedication to things she puts her mind too, Luciana earned the title of Brazilian Champion Amateur Jumper. Also in another competition riding her horse Nikita, she beat out 40 other competitors, both men and women, to win the Sociedade Hipica Brasilia.

Luciana has helped pioneer new paths for women everywhere. Not only through her educational achievements but also because of the bridges she has been able to build through her political career. She is still young and has a lot of potential to continue blazing new paths for years to come. And after all she has accomplished she is now the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court.