Richard Blair: Temporary Renting Insurance Advice

There was an online article posted about Airbnb recently on According the the article, it can be an easy way for home owners to earn money. All they have to do is host travelers for a while in their home. Even though it sounds simple, says the article, there are several problems reported. These temporary guests may cause property damage that is not covered by the host’s homeowner’s insurance. Problems such as this can rack up legal and financial debt that can make the program not worth it, states the article.


Those who still want to consider Airbnb guests have some issues to consider. The article says that hosts can be liable for any injury that guests obtain while renting. There can also be host liability for damage, theft, or other illegal activities. Even damage to the neighbors’ property could be the liability of the Airbnb host, explains the article.


Most insurance companies will not cover short-term renting. So, any incident that that happens would be the responsibility of the host. If a homeowner buys the secondary insurance that is offered by Airbnb or a comparable company, it will only go into effect after any other insurance has paid. That could mean a lot of out-of-pocket expenses, says the article.


After considering these financial risks, those who still want to try the hosting program should speak to a qualified insurance representative. The article mentions Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Richard Blair has over 20 years of experience in insurance and wealth management and could create a customized insurance plan for Airbnb hosts. Blair understands the various liability problems that could arise with a temporary renting agreement.


Richard Blair Wealth Solutions give clients financial planning, advisor services and special information for wealthy individuals. Richard Blair works with companies like Worldwide Ventures GP LLC, United Global Securities, Blair Insurance Group LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, and Wealth Solutions. Blair has helped many clients reach their goals in investment. His company manages over $55 million in assets.


Ever since he was in college, Richard Blair has been interested in helping others realize their person financial dreams. As soon as he graduated, you went into the financial services industry. In 1994, Blair founded Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions provides professional strategies for several types of financial services.

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IAP Worldwide and Time-Sensitive Emergencies

IAP Worldwide is a United States-based company that prioritizes big challenges. That’s how it’s been since the start. The roots of IAP Worldwide Services go all the way back to the early fifties with Pan Am World Services, Inc. The company today is a thriving business that provides many detail-oriented and extensive services to clients everywhere. IAP Worldwide’s big topics include aviation engineering, information technology (IT), infrastructure, power choices and government services.

The aviation engineering talents who work for IAP Worldwide have significant knowledge that involves contractor logistics, engineering and even industrial support. They provide diverse services including supply chain management, engineering design and inventory management.

Power generation is a top priority for many people on IAP Worldwide’s staff as well. Its committed professionals aim to assist clients who are in the middle of critical emergency dilemmas. That’s why they help them with concepts such as renewable energy, temporary power and power plant functioning. Clients that are worried about loss of productivity frequently lean on IAP Worldwide Services for its in-depth power generation abilities.

IAP Worldwide offers many useful government services to clients. The company frequently helps clients with serious national security matters. IAP Worldwide’s government services division handles emergency response, network, supply chain and expeditionary projects. These projects are just a sampling as well.

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IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

There are many communications wizards on the team at IAP Worldwide. They do what they can at all times to make sure that their clients’ teams are solid and functional units. They design many communications practices. They install a lot of them as well. Clients that are searching for responsive data center design often reach out to IAP Worldwide’s proficient professionals. The same goes for clients that are searching for increased security, long haul fiber and communications choices. Program management is yet another communications specialty that IAP Worldwide frequently brings to the table.

IAP Worldwide is in charge of time-sensitive government, communications and emergency needs all around the globe. It’s headquartered in sunny Florida in Cape Canaveral. It oversees international matters in locations such as Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Dorset, England and Kuwait City, Kuwait. There are various other American IAP Worldwide branches, too.

The Chief Executive Officer for IAP Worldwide is Douglas Kitani. Kitani used to work for DynCorp International. He handled portfolio techniques for the private military company. IAP Worldwide’s Chief Financial Officer is Terry DeRosa. DeRosa in the past was employed at Kestrel Enterprises, Inc.

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Sam Tabar Shares his Financial Strategy with Investors

Sam Tabar, a New York based attorney is also a financial strategist. Through his many years of experience in the law and financial fields, he has become an expert in the field of investing, particularly commodities and hedge funds and is always willing to share his experience and expertise with others.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University in 2000 and a law degree from the Columbia School of Law, Mr. Tabar began his career as an Associate in an illustrious law firm in the fall of 2001. After several years with Skadden, Arps, Slater Meagher and Flom, LLP, he moved onto the Sparx Group Co./PMA Investment Advisor and became the Co-Head of business development as well as Managing Director in 2004. In 2010, the Bank of America became Mr. Tabar’s new home and he took on the role of Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. In 2012, Mr. Tabar made a move once again and became the Director of Adanac LLC, BVI and in 2013 he became a Senior Associate at Shulte Roth and Zabel, LLP.

Mr. Tabar offers words of advice for anyone interested in the commodities market. It is essential investors always perform the necessary due diligence and research each product and company thoroughly. Research should always include the historical performance of the product and company and use that information to speculate how the commodity and company will perform in the short and long term. It is also important to determining problem products and those would be products that do not have a reasonable return history. Not every product will perform positively every time out, but a good product will have a more positive track than negative.

Mr. Taber cautions investors to refrain from investing in poorly managed funds. Poorly managed funds will perform very erratically and it will be more difficult to predict a positive outcome and more often than not they will perform less than satisfactory. Investing is not a get rich quick scheme, but one that should be taken on slowly and built up over time.  Be sure to check out Sam’s official website for more information.

New Program At Organo Gold

In December 2015, Bernardo Chua announced there would be a a new rewards program offered to Organo Gold’s independent distributors and retail customers in The United States, Canada, and Mexico. This release was made via the official Organo Gold website.

In the release, Mr. Chua stated on Facebook that he felt the program was a “strategic business tool″ could be used as a model to provide diversification and create expansion.

Members Who join the monthly auto-ship program are eligible to participate in the preferred customer rewards program. This will entitle them to a 25% discount on all orders they place during any given month.

Besides this discount, the program gives exclusive rights to retail customers. These rights include special pricing of Organo’s products and exclusive promotions. It also includes a team of representatives who will provide service and support.

Mr. Chua expects this program to create an increase in sales for both retail customers, and distributors.

Bernardo Chua started Organo in The Philippines (his home country) in 2008. By 2013, It was the 55th largest international direct selling company.For being an outstanding global entrepreneur, Mr. Chua was received honors in the Philippines. These honors including two People’s Choice Awards.

The company’s products include gourmet coffees and teas containing Ganoderma. This mushroom used in various Asian countries, to relieve medical symptoms. Mr. Chua created the concept of adding this mushroom to products such as coffee, teas, and hot chocolate. He eventually evolved into offering health products distributed through independent distributors to over 40 countries.  Bernardo has built himself into a success, and it really shows when you think about how amazing his brand has become.

KCRW Interview With Andy Wirth Addresses Concerns of Less Snowfall

As the grandson of the former director of the United States National Park Service, Andy Wirth grew up immersed in nature and the natural environment. This interest in the nature developed into a full-time career as the President and Chief Executive of Squaw Valley resorts.

With over 25 years of experience in the ski resorts industry, Wirth is both a seasoned professional and a cautious businessman. Cautious, but, he’s not overly concerned about the lack of cold weather due to inadequate rainfall totals.

Andy took time to address concerns about the lack of rainfall and the potential effects to the California skiing season. The interview with Madeleine Brand was heard on the NPR college radio station, KCRW. Madeleine introduced Andy on her nationally syndicated program, “Press Play,” and she wasted no time delving into the topic of drought and the ski resort season.

Andy stated that although business was down by ten percent, the resort could survive with less snowfall for a considerable amount of time. December and January saw a significant reduction in skiing acreage. However, Wirth wasn’t anxious about this, because his resorts are financially solvent. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Andy Wirth is considered a savvy veteran of the ski resort industry and his concerns are more business related than weather related. To ensure that Squaw Valley doesn’t have to change its business model radically, Andy Wirth outlined his plan to make up for the snowfall deficits, by offsetting the slow winter ski season with an increase in summertime activities. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are the two resorts which Andy Wirth is the CEO. The resort business is flowing smoothly, because of his experience and knowledge. Wirth has learned to adjust to weather patterns by planning ahead. After consulting with several meteorologists, he felt that his resorts could continue normal functioning by offering artificial snowfall as a filler in some parts to prolong the skiing season.

Andy Wirth has received multiple honors in the past for his community involvement and professionalism. When speaking to him, it’s immediately obvious that he’s passionate about what he does. This passion drives him to maintain a level of serviceship that’s earned him the Outstanding Chairman Award.

Additionally, Andy was named, Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the Year and he’s made the list of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Top Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing.

Andy Wirth is a man of action and integrity, he’s active in the community and is an avid outdoorsman. He made national headlines in 2013, when he was involved in a near fatal skydiving accident. He made a full recovery and in January 2016, the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation named him as President and Chairman.

How To Begin Investing In The Stock Market To Achieve Financial Freedom

If you are thinking about investing in a lucrative opportunity, such as the stock market, you have made a wise decision. Many people all over the world have made a lot of money and become financially independent simply by trading in the stock market, and so can you.

When you let friends or relatives know about your decision to start a business or begin investing, not all of them will believe you can do it. In fact, there will always be some pessimists and naysayers among the people you consider your friends, even family members. They have not done what you’re trying to do and don’t want to see you move up. A few of them may wish you the best but simply cannot envision you achieving something that they themselves have not accomplished.

When confronted by negative people, just remind yourself that you have the power to control your own destiny. You are in control of how much you can make and you cannot let other people dictate what you can and cannot do. Don’t let another person’s opinion or belief affect how you live your life or what choices you make.

For example, even though some of the pessimists may be relatives or acquaintances, find a way to keep them away and not give you advice. Their opinion or advice doesn’t help so tell them to keep away from your endeavors. This is what wealthy people do, and those who are determined to achieve great things in life also develop this habit.

Jim Hunt has created a superb product called Wealth Wave. Offered alongside VTA Publications, this excellent training course is one of the best in the field and is perfect for those who want to make a fortune in the stock market. Wealth Wave is packed with top notch information, advice and tips on how to make big money and become financially independent as a stock trader. Wealth Wave reveals a lot of secrets used by stock trading insiders to make huge sums of money, build wealth and achieve financial freedom.  The VTA Publications website has more information.

However, you can also check out Jim’s tips in action from his YouTube page.  But what’s more than that, you can use outside sources like MoreMoneyReview to check out what people are saying about his offerings.  Jim Hunt is a smart guy, and he definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to safe, and smart investments.  So this is definitely a program to watch.

Guidance To Understanding Kabbalah Completely

Kabbalah teachings date back to the 12th and 13th centuries in Europe and to the 18th century in Ottoman Palestine. In present times, Kabbalah has been interpreted in a cross-denominational form of Judaism and has contributed to more contemporary spirituality. An understanding of Kabbalah is developed through studying the Zohar, which is a work of literature that interprets the Torah, mysticism, mythical cosmogony, and mystical psychology. The esoteric method Kabbalah requires a certain depth of knowledge and understanding in order for a student to fully understand the discipline wholeheartedly.
The knowledge to be obtained through Kabbalah is the understanding of the cohesion between Ein Sof, God as an infinite being, and the finite, mortal world. Kabbalists believe that the human soul contains three elements, the nefresh, ru’ach, and neshamah. Nefresh is considered the animalistic part of the soul and is linked to instinct. Ru’ach is the mid-soul and is responsible for distinguishing between good and evil. Neshamah is the higher soul that separates man from other forms of life and allows him to transcend into the afterlife. In addition, the Raaya Meheimna discusses what is believed to be the fourth and fifth parts of the soul.
The discipline has a deep-rooted history. Students must interpret dense material accurately. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, CA aims at helping students understand Kabbalistic teachings, as well as, interpret the Zohar. The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1965 in the U.S., while the L.A. location opened in 1984. The non-profit has over fifty locations.
The Kabbalah Centre aims to make understanding Kabbalisitc teachings attainable for all students. Learning at the Centre doesn’t require a background in Hebrew or Jewish texts. The teachers aim to help students grasp the importance of the Light. The concept of Klippot is taught, which focuses on helping students channel God’s light, an important aspect of Kabbalistic teaching. Astrological teachings are also incorporated into the school of thought. The Kabbalah Centre encompasses a rounded and full perspective for teaching Kabbalah.

Embrace Healthy Living While Protecting Your Retirement With The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is focused on helping people to achieve their lifetime goals. The company offers financial advisory services and health guidelines. Their physical location is in Winter Garden, Florida, and among people they work with are entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for better money management strategies. Also among things The Midas Legacy works on include health, wealth and overall improved living. They are concerned about offering a complete package that can improve the lives of their clients.

For entrepreneurs
Making decisions is among things an entrepreneur will do every day and any mistake in the process could bring about losses. The Midas Legacy helps entrepreneurs with information and tips that will improve their decision making and help them understand how to interpret conditions in the market. They work with professionals who think outside the box to spot opportunities that can be embraced to make a business better. Most institutions do not pay attention to all the aspects of life that can affect a business, and this is what The Midas Legacy focuses on to help entrepreneurs make decisions that will expand their businesses.

The company conducts research before giving information to clients. This assures their clients that the information handed over is reliable and a reflection of the state of the market. Those who fear about making bad decisions, therefore, enjoy peace of mind when they opt for The Midas Legacy for financial advisory and management services.

Sean Bower, who has been in the journalism industry for years, is among professionals who contribute services to help The Midas Legacy in executing their role to clients. Sean Bower has been writing about financial markets and economy for years, thereby gaining special analytical skills that also guide him in helping clients at The Midas Legacy. He is also part of the online creative team that writes for The Midas Legacy.

Jim Samson is another expert who has been in the company for years and his knowledge in entrepreneurship and real estate has been a vital addition. He is a renowned entrepreneur and has invested in the financial markets and real estate for decades, thereby gaining experience necessary when guiding other people at The Midas Legacy.

All these consultants are there to help individuals maximize their time. Those who follow the guidelines offered by consultants from The Midas Legacy have recorded success in their businesses. One will not only maximize retirement benefits, but also improve overall health.

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How ClassDojo Is Improving Parent Teacher Conferences

ClassDojo is the ultimate new change in the world of technology that is allowing for kids to get the chance to have improved education experiences in class. Most teachers want to update parents about their kids, and this is why this app strived to come up with a way to help provide parents with what they needed. This new app is allowing for parents to receive instant updates via the app from the teacher about their child. Teachers can send parents either a message, a picture, or a complete video showcasing their child’s behavior, whether it be good or bad. Teachers who want to reward their students or show their bad behavior to the parents can use this app.

Many communities already have already seen their school grow and improve because of this app. Many parents today usually want to find out how their kids are doing. Being updated is the way to go, and this app gives you the chance. The key is to be proactive in a child’s life to help give the child what he or she needs to go through school and into college successfully. A parent’s goal is merely about being supportive and also disciplinary so that the child knows right from wrong. This app helps bridge that gap by allowing parents to have a say on what is going on in the classroom. Having that watchful eye can make it easier on teachers because they easily capture a moment where they usually would be put to blame.

There are always different ways to teach in school, but this form of teaching can only benefit children and parents, alongside the teachers. Everybody wins in some form when this app continues to grow.

With $21 million being put into this app, the company is trying to find out how they can better monetize the app without charging people for the app itself. They plan on simply providing more and more options, whether it’s homework assignments, tips, files, and other things to better make it more accessible and worth it for the parents and teachers.

No more need to have parents at some point in the year to get an update on what is happening to their kid. The truth is that parent teacher conferences happen so rarely, but Class Dojo can bridge this gap and provide you with the chance to easily communicate with everybody so that children succeed.


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The Manse On Marsh Offers The Best In Senior Living

The Manse on Marsh is an independent assisted living community for the residents of San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande and the surrounding areas. The facility was recently awarded with the Caring Star, which honors assisted living and memory care communities who exhibit top-notch customer care. The facilities are selected based on customer reviews and ratings on the Senior Care Directory. The Manse of Marsh‘s Arroyo Grande Assisted Living campus has received this honor for two years in a row as of 2016. The community received an average of 5 stars in Yelp reviews.

Andy Cohen states that senior residents and their loved ones want high-quality services in a living facilities. The Caring Stars point consumers in the right direction by showing them which senior living communities provide the best amenities and services. Cohen also thanks the customers who took the time to review the Manse on Marsh, and congratulates the staff there for a job well done.

According to recent research conducted with those who were searching for Arroyo Grande senior living and assisted care, the majority of individuals who participated said they depended on online customer reviews more than in-person recommendations by medical staff. Arroyo Grande also offers a comprehensive care planning system based on points for how well each resident is cared for. Points are also awarded for meal reminders, bathing and grooming and medication management. The Arroyo Grande facility is the only assisted living community to offer this point system.

Amenities at the senior care facility include spacious flats as well as private residences. Dining facilities are restaurant style, and convenient transportation options are available. The Manse on Marsh also offers a number of social activities for seniors to enjoy. There’s a nurse on staff, and quality laundry and maid services are available as well. Interested individuals can learn more about the community here.