Market Dominance by OSI Industries

OSI industries, popularly as the OSI group, OSI North America and OSI Food Solution is a food processing industry that was founded in 1909. Its headquarters are in Greater Chicago Area, Great Lakes, and the Midwestern US. It is currently active with over 10,000 employees. It is a company essentially based on a strong heritage of quality and services within Aurora, Illinois and United States. The company is entirely a profit-making organization. It is currently governed by two team members who are David McDonald, the president of the group, and Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman, and CEO.

OSI Industries has shown unwavering dedication to their success and success of their customers since opening its first family meat market in Chicago. They have progressed quite well and have become a topmost provider of global food. The world has committed to OSI food solutions in the uniqueness of their accurate product development and processes which delivers a sustainable, but quality, valuable and cost-effective satisfaction. This is in line with David McDonald’s principles of the hotel industry.

With its active and strong website (, it has actively used 22 technologies that include Viewport Meta, iPhone/Mobile Compatible and Google Font API. It also has a well leveled social platform with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. It has approximate 9,900 web visitors who traffic their website monthly. Customers also take time to read personal tweets by David McDonald to keep updated with recent happenings at OSI.

OSI Industries has made tremendous steps in the food industry generally by working closely with local marketers who are in the proximate reach of customers of specific needs. Recently, it was reported that OSI Industries had bought Baho Foods Company which specialized in deli meat and processing of other foods to expand its market scales. It has then extended its meat products to the European region. Again, it has dominated in China by establishing 10 Chinese poultry facilities. In all its functions, OSI Group processes and provide its products and services to major companies around the globe.

In addition to their schemes of penetrating its services through to different regions of the world, it has also established partnerships that are dynamic enough to further promote their operations to the realization of huge profits. One essential marketing strategy used by OSI Industries is that they become part of communities’ local cultures. This forms for their products and services acceptability which allows for utmost sales. The Group comprehends the needs of the customer base and delivers specific needs that are welcomed to the community. They have won their customers in investing time in them too. This has realized a great deal of business. The Group’s Chief executive, David McDonald continues to carry on his mandate to the best of his ability.