Malcolm CasSelle: Using Blockchain Technology to Facilitate Buying and Selling of Virtual Assets

World Wide Exchange Access, famously known as WAX, is the largest platform in the world where individuals can purchase and sell virtual assets. The firm is decentralized, which enables it to be able to reach over 400+ million people are highly interested in online gaming. Opskins is one of the games being sold by this entity among other virtual assets. However, WAX wants to change the buying and selling method by ensuring that individuals can do so using cryptocurrency. Buying and selling online games through blockchain technology will help the entity to prevent fraud and prevent fragmentation that is witnessed by the use of the common currencies.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of WAX and also the current CIO of OPSkins, which remains to be the leading platform for selling and buying video games. He has previously worked in different organizations. Before joining World Wide Asset Exchange, CasSelle was working as the president of Tribune Publishing, where is highly credited for the growth of the properties in the firm mostly leveraging in digital assets. This is an indication that he can dig deep and help the organization to achieve its intended goals and objectives, primarily due to the experience of working with digital tools.

CasSelle is also highly credited for forming a company that was highly involved in measuring engaging content concerning the social interactions the content was getting. His Timeline Labs would later be acquired by SeaChange International, where CasSelle spearheaded its development as the Chief Executive Officer. His ability to work with upcoming organizations working in the digital industry places him as the best person to lead WAX into the new territories.

CasSelle has worked in organizations such as Tencent in China, Xfire, a gaming organization, and MediaPass, which is a renowned digital subscription company that provides a solution to major companies around the world. Despite being a leading figure in digital subscription and virtual assets industry, the graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Malcolm is an experienced investor who holds sticks in Facebook and Zynga among others.

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