Growing Your Wealth with the Advice of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly, one of the greatest investors on Wall Street, has completely changed his course. What is it? His course is no longer about who can make the rich even richer, but this is about helping people. Paul Mampilly is now focused on building second career, and it rests on the foundation from his first career.

Paul Mampilly rose to fame on Wall Street as a successful portfolio manager. Now he is publishing his knowledge, and helping people learn the basics and more advanced techniques of how to increase their wealth. His avenue for publishing? Banyan Hill Publishing is dedicated to publishing information on finance, and Paul Mampilly’s newsletter is how he delivers his free information on how to invest and grow your wealth.

Publishing his newsletter gives him the ability to reach more people at once. His career was rooted in aggressive investment tactics on Wall Street. That is now no longer what he cares about. His advice is now spread among the general population, rather than helping the 1% get richer. His belief is that you can spread the wealth, rather than secluding people from doing better and having more.

How did he start? Paul Mampilly didn’t start out on Wall Street. His upbringing in rural India didn’t set the stage for a highly successful career. Although he is now successful, he had to do the work to get there. After graduating from college, he had his sights set on Bombay. Although this is India’s largest city, he was still challenged in his finances.

It was in 1974 that he took his family to Dubai, with hopes of a better future. Relocating here during this time was a wise decision. Dubai had just discovered oil and the economy was exploding with wealth. Although his family were living better than they could have imagined, the best was yet to come. Earning a college degree, he went onto Montclair State University, receiving an MBA. He then chose to work on Wall Street, and thus his career began. After many years of success, he chose to teach the average American what he learned on Wall Street.