Glen Wakeman Talks Up Miami Small Business Owners

Miami has proved to be a tough ground for numerous small business start-ups. More than 85% of new businesses do not stand the test of time. This has been attributed to the business environment and many other factors. Glen Wakeman believes starting a business is tough regardless of the environment and idea one chooses to venture in. He shares on what makes the difference between entrepreneurs that do well and those that do not last long.




Lack of enough capital has been top of the list of why the success rate of businesses in the coastal city is extremely low. Glen believes that this is overemphasized and states that enough money without a proper plan will inevitably bring down any venture. Poor management of funds has also been blamed. This is true in some cases but businesses with great managers have also crumbled down.


What makes the difference?


Glen who has been in business for quite sometime has since developed a plan that is sure to turn one’s fortunes. Paying less attention to the product’s features and placing emphasis on the benefits will have ripple effects on the sales. Clients tend to be more intrigued by what they will get from your product. Given that the success of any business relies heavily on its clients, entrepreneurs need to get and maintain a great client base according to Glen Wakeman.


Support groups have been attributed to people needing help to tackle challenges that persist. Glen encourages entrepreneurs to surround themselves with individuals who can freely air their opinions, positive or negative, concerning their business. Preferably those who are not overly interested in the business. They help one to look at things from a different perspective and the results will be impressive.


Glen Wakeman also insists that successful businessmen do not focus solely on what is bound to fail. There is a lot of evidence that refutes claims that are ingrained in people’s minds. Other than changing the fate of your business, looking at the bright side of things will make life far much better.


Tough as Miami is for business one can still do well with a determined attitude and a proper plan. The many obstacles should not keep one from bringing their business idea to life

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