Fabletics and Kate Hudson are Changing The Way Athleisure-Wear is Bought

It’s not easy to start up an online clothing business. That’s because there are already thousands of companies established. These companies already have a solid consumer base, positive reviews, and a steady flow of revenue. Sometimes, a new company has a new idea and they step on the market. That’s exactly what happened with Fabletics. They saw that there was a market for cute, stylish, and affordable athleisure-wear. Fabletics also had the great idea to run a business off a subscription-based model. Finally, Fabletics has Kate Hudson to lead the way.


Athleisure-wear is the latest trend that is sweeping the country. Women love it because they can wear cute clothes that are practical for everyday wear. Women can throw on a Fabletics outfit that allows them to look cute in public but also feel supported at the gym. Fabletics is gaining attention each and every day. According to Forbes, Fabletics is using the reverse showroom technique to their advantage. All of their clothes have long been available online. The business saw much success because of the positive reviews that many people were putting out. As more and more people got word of Fabletics and tried it, they loved it and spread the word.


Fabletics is now growing even more. They are opening brick-and-mortar locations. These stores will help new consumers try on clothes, get a feel for the fit, and see what they like. The physical locations for Fabletics will be filled with a knowledgeable staff that will answer questions and help people sign up for the subscription-based model on Fabletics website.


To further help people pick the style of Fabletics that is right for them, Fabletics offers a Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz will help Fabletics determine what style, size, and fit of clothing are right for a certain person. They answer questions about their hobbies and activity-level. They are then matched with clothes that suit their needs.


Fabletics will continue to see growth thanks in part to their new way of working the online shopping field. The growth is also thanks to Kate Hudson. Hudson went from being a charming and well-liked actress to a crucial part of the company. She’s basically been there since the beginning and she’s someone that consumers can connect with. Hudson is a happy-go-lucky type of girl who is also into fitness. Many look up to her as a role model and therefore have no qualms about trusting her style judgment.