Equities First Holdings Wikipedia Information

Equities First Holdings, LLC was founded in 2002 and the main branch is located at 10 West Market Street, Suite 3050 Indianapolis, IN 46204. The Company lends collateral secured loans to businesses and individual investors. It assesses the risks and future performances associated with the stocks, bonds, and treasuries to issue the loan.

Equities First Holdings gives people a multitude of choices in financing options and provides capital against visibly traded stock to help Individuals meet personal and professional goals. Equities First has completed transactions totaling over $1.4 billion, and they were able to move their Melbourne branch to a more accessible location in November of 2016. They have offices all over the world including Perth, Australia, China, UK, US and Hong Kong and they are always looking to grow to meet their expanding client base. Their forms of contact are by email at [email protected] and by phone at 1-866-507-9160.