Dr Ira Kirschenbaum- Knee Replacement for the 21st Century

In the todays you need to be on the move almost constantly however, if you have knee injuries or knee problems this can be a daily struggle. To fix this issue Dr Ira Kirschenbaum looks at the least invasive way possible for a knee replacement to occur. Dr Kirschenbaum has found that there is an alternative to invasive knee replacement surgery and allows the patient to get back on their feet quicker than traditional methods. This new method pinpoints particular areas of the knee and has already helped countless patients dealing with knee pain. Recently, a video was published that depicts the story of a man going through this new procedure and the benefits he’s experienced.


The man in the video, Robert, has lived an active lifestyle for the past two decades and because of this his knees have taken a turn for the worse and made this active life almost impossible to continue. Robert makes the choice to undergo the new procedure in the hopes of being able to get back to the active lifestyle he once enjoyed and not have to rely on as many pain medications that, unfortunately, are not always effective.


As mentioned, knee replacement surgery is an invasive procedure and causes pain and discomfort for weeks and can damage the patients’ quality of life during this period. To add to this, patients find that they need to re-do the procedure in another decade. Dr Ira Kirschenbaum looked at different alternatives to traditional knee replacement and has found that because the knee has three different sections, not everything needs to be replaced, only the injured area of the knee. With this in mind the new procedure will shave away the affected area and replace that section minimizing the trauma and invasiveness of the procedure. This procedure has been found to work best for those suffering Rheumatoid arthritis.