Kim Dao Visits Coex Mall

Kim Dao had dinner and went shopping with Bambigirl. Kim Dao met Bambigirl three years ago at an event in Korea. The two women decided to stay in touch and then together from time to time. When Kim Dao traveled to Denmark and Paris, she invited Bambigirl to join her. Recently, Bambigirl promised to pick Kim Dao up at her hotel for their evening trip. Learn more:


Kim Dao stayed at the hotel for five days before moving to a bed and breakfast. She commented that comfortable pillows make a big difference in a good night’s sleep. The hotel hoped that Kim Dao would sponsor them and gave her a bag of beauty products from Wisderma.


Wisderma had included eye cream, moisture cream , sheet masks, and some skin care treatment. The day was gloomy with some fog and drizzle. Every day that Kim Dao was in Korea, it rained. Once the friends arrived at Coex mall, they ate at an Asian-Korean restaurant. They had ribs, chicken, noodles, and vegetables.




Kim Dao and her friend went clothes shopping; they looked at dresses, skirts, and blouses. The only thing Kim Dao bought was a pale blue blouse for her sister. We were informed that Dao’s sister’s favorite color is blue. In the middle of shopping, the friends stopped off for some smoothies before doing more clothes shopping. The rain came down harder as the ladies left to go home. Bambigirl needed to put on her windshield wipers. Dao was grateful they were inside instead of roaming the streets shopping.