Doe Deere Breathing Life to The MakeUp Industry

What is easily accepted by the society is boring, and this is the same case for beauty. However, there is a niche of rebellious people who love everything that they have overly bright. To them, the definition of beauty is all about standing out and not blending in. According to Doe Deere, makeup is not only a way of enhancing your beauty or hiding your flaws, a great makeup should tell people who you are and that you are confident enough about your body.


By now everybody knows Doe Deere, the queen of Unicorns, for her makeup line, Lime Crime. Doe Deere has always had a passion for bright colors. Looking back at her sewing days, you will spot her in bright attires and almost always, she has a colorful wig to match her clothes. In the past, however, it was always difficult for Deere to get makeup that would match her bright choices of hair and clothes. She waited around and saw no company in the beauty industry willing to do it. So she took the opportunity to represent herself and those, like her, who love bright makeup but have no access to it. She decided to start a company that would produce the rare makeup.


In July, 2015 Doe Deere talked to Ideamensch and talked about her journey to having one of the most successful makeup lines. During the interview, Deere cited that she was inspired by her love of bright clothes which she used to make and wear during her sewing days. She wanted to create something for every one of her bright-colored clothes in her wardrobe. So the idea saw her start an account on EBay. He named the account Lime Crime. For four years, she would sell primers, brushes and eye shadows. In the year 2008, she decided to launch her company.


Launching Lime Crime was without hiccup, but of course she did have her fair share of discouragements. Many told her that there was no way she would succeed selling lipsticks online. But this only pushed her to strategize on how to make people buy. She decided that she would do what no other lipstick company had thought of doing, she would display the lipstick on lips so that one had a real idea of how it would look on them. This was instead of swatching the lipstick on a piece of paper. So far, it has been all good and Lime Crime has grown to produce unicorns and velvetines.