PodcastOne Chair Releases the Brand Lift Studies’ Results as Researched by Edison Research

Normann Pattiz, the executive PodcastOne Chair and his counterpart Tom Webster, the strategy VP at Edison Research released the results of a number of comprehensive studies that were being conducted. These studies involved five chief statewide consumer brands from different categories of products and services.

The study, which was conducted for the first-time ever took place during the last six months of 2016 and successfully showed the level of positive impact that podcast advertising had on specific messaging recall, brand recollect and intention to purchase. The study also revealed a number of key findings.


In 2016, Edison Research was charged with undertaking three different studies as a way of checking the efficacy of podcast advertising on five chosen national brands. A number of these brands were well known to consumers and were just launching some new messaging while others were little known brands seeking trial as well as increased awareness.

The three studies involved carrying out an online survey just before the adverts ran and again after they had run for about 4 – 6 weeks. In the end, the studies revealed that the podcast audiences were highly receptive of brand messages and portrayed a higher degree of willingness to buy or consider the goods.


Normann Pattiz emphasized that the core focus of PodcastOne has been to autonomously gauge how this format was enhancing brand awareness well beyond what the conventional advertising methods achieved. He added that the great results validated the company’s multi-tiered advance towards incorporated advertising and capacity.

Tom Webster had kind words to describe the experience they had with PodcastOne throughout the duration of the studies terming it as a great pleasure for Edison Research. He was delighted that they were chosen to prove the effectiveness and impact that podcast advertising carried.

About Normann Pattiz

Normann Pattiz founded Westwood One, a giant radio outfit that grew to become the largest ever radio network in America. It was the prime provider of traffic programming, entertainment, sports, talk and news. Pattiz then founded the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. The Los Angeles-based company produces as well as finances a multi-platform quality program. In 2013, he again launched PodcastOne, which has risen to the top ranks of on-demand programming via audio.

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