Securus Technologies: Offering Prisoners Basic Communication Services

Prison industries are some of the most untapped of sectors when it comes to setting up services and businesses. The prison environmental is extremely reliant on small money and people who are incarcerated, which is why being successful at this is no easy task. One company that has managed to break the mold and emerge as a good player in the sector is Securus Technologies. The company has been in the business of prison communications for a long period, which is why it knows what they need to provide, and who they have to provide it to. The company is tied up with several prisons across the country, and also offers its services to a few centers in Canada.


Inmate communication is an essential part of the rehabilitation process that they go through. Staying in touch with the outside world is important for the development of the people on the inside, and helps them keep track of what is going in. Communication is essential, and Securus Technologies knows this, which is why they aim to provide an extremely high quality of services. The company offers both videos calling as well as voice calling options, which inmates can opt for provided that they keep in touch with the rules and regulations of the prison as well as Securus Technologies. To make the process of making calls a lot easier, the company installed a system of personal accounts in place. Family and friends on the outside are allowed to send money to these accounts for the inmates to use as they please. The company also has a post paid system in place according to which one receives a bill at the end of the month regarding the expenses that one has for the calls. This has made the entire exchange a lot easier and a lot more efficient.

Securus Technologies Publishes Its Customers’ Feedback

Securus Technologies is the industry leader in the provision of criminal and civil justice technological solutions. Its products are aimed at ensuring smooth delivery of services by the agencies responsible for the investigation, corrections, monitoring and public safety. On October 21, 2016, Securus Technologies published several comments from facility customers regarding the use of technology to prevent and solve crimes including crimes between inmates – on PR Newswire.

In the publication, Securus Technologies only availed just a small sample of the comments they obtained from the emails and formal letters they receive from jail and prison officials across the United States. Some parts of the texts were obscured with the intention of protecting the innocent individuals.

Rick Smith, the chairman, and CEO explained that the company tries to develop a new product or service on a weekly basis (on average) aimed at simplifying the works of law enforcement and corrections officials, as far as detection and prevention of crimes is concerned. Securus Technologies values customer feedback about the effectiveness of their products and services, and this explains why the management pays attention the feedback they receive through letters and emails.

To bring you up to speed on what the users have to say, I have included some of the things I have gathered from the sample of comments availed in the October 21, 2016, PR Newswire publication.

With the assistance of Securus Technologies, a client was able to use information obtained from phone calls to secure a search warrant for a corrupt member of staff. The corrupt individual was arrested for introduction of contraband.

Another comment showed how jail and prison officials were able to investigate a suspected inmate crime involving drug use and trafficking within the prison, accessibility to a cellular device, suspicious conversation insinuating a possible money laundering incident, and admissions to past crimes. This information must have gone a long way in simplifying the case in a court of law – besides preventing further crimes.

The availability of investigative tools has significantly boosted or enhanced a client’s proactive ability to monitor and deter contraband incidences within the facilities

This is just a summary of the facility customers’ comments. From where I stand, I believe that Securus Technologies is doing an amazing job in the detection and prevention of crimes.

Securus Shines In A Dark World With BBB Accreditation

I believe that we have to recognize companies in our country that do the right thing. Right now, corporations and large companies are vilified. There is this sense that the wealthiest companies run the country and that these companies put profits ahead of people. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with many companies across the country. But there are a few out there that are still doing the right thing, like Securus Technologies.


Securus is a peculiar company. They are peculiar in the sense of how they operate their business. The vast majority of Americans will never do business with Securus, but the company remains a giant in the telecommunications industry. They are not the kind of company that you could call up in order to service your home with telephone or internet services. Instead, the telecommunications giant exclusively serves prison and jail facilities. That means you have to be a prisoner or a loved one of the prisoner to do business with Securus.


This telecommunications company becomes the sole provider of telephone services and internet communications services for a particular prison through exclusive government contracts. Once the contract is secured, the prisoners and their loved ones have no choice but to use the telecommunications services provided by Securus.


This sets up a problem with many other companies. Telecommunications companies like Global Tel-Link abuse their position of power over the prisoners by jacking up their prices and treating their customers poorly. But Securus takes another route. They treat their customers like human beings, put an emphasis on customer service and provide a quality product.


That is why I am glad the Better Business Bureau recently accredited Securus Technologies. BBB accreditation is a big deal. The company went through a thorough inspection to achieve the prestigious accreditation. Good on them.


Securus Rectifies Multiple Insincere Statements in GTL’s Press Release

Securus Technologies, a company that uses technology to improve living standards of imprisoned persons and streamline the operation of correctional agencies, has corrected misleading and inaccurate statement on Global Tel Link’s press release. Securus is convinced that GTL cannot proceed to seek compensation since the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) has not approved patent No. 7,256,816, and the case is still pending in court.


The PTAB declined to review claims presented by GTL and, thus, the company cannot protect ‘816 patent as it claims. The court hearing is far from taking place since both parties need time to gather more evidence. Therefore, GTL’s one month to the hearing claim is unrealistic and misleading.


Securus has earned a reputation for its adherence to the solid business practices. The company ensures reasonable license agreements are in place before using patent technologies of other firms. Thus, GTL’s claim that Securus is infringing its patented video visitation technology is baseless. GTL’s financial practices are questionable since the company is spending a lot of money and time filing cases, rather than focusing on developing new technology. Rick Tehrani, the CEO of Securus Technologies, has stated that his firm will continue to uphold its reputation by correcting any misleading information released by Global Tel Link. The CEO said that his company was ready for healthy competitions.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technology provides cutting-edge parolee tracking, inmate communications, and information management solutions. It targets correctional agencies and public safety facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and District of Columbia. The Dallas, Texas-headquartered technology firm has regional offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Georgia. It acquired JPay Inc., a premier technology powerhouse that delivered electronic payments, email, and different types of entertainment and educational applications to the correctional market. This acquisition has thrust Securus Technology into the most accomplished provider of services and products such as electronic payment, detainee tablets, and email.

Get Involved in Everyday Activities Using Securus Video Visitation

Every parent wants to stay connected with his or her entire family. What about friends? I guess what am thinking is right. We both want to be together with our loved ones. However, some factors hinder the connection and even when we are needed. Let’s say you have a daughter who needs your help with her schoolwork yet she is miles away. What will you do? The exciting news is that Securus Technologies provides Video Visitation which makes all these possible. You can connect with your family, and be part of their everyday life.


The web-based visitation system allows family members and friends to stay connected. If you are a parent, you can catch up with your family’s day-to-day activities. You can review her project and coursework remotely and help her out. Despite the distance apart, an individual can still connect and contribute to the well-being of your spouse, your parents, friends, and relatives. Inmates need to maintain relationships with friends and family members, and this is exactly what Securus Video Visitation does. The technology makes it possible for more than one family member to participate in the remote visits.


Securus Technologies is a technological company that provides solutions in the area of civil and criminal justice aimed at improving public safety and modernizing the incarceration experience. The company provides simple but powerful technological solutions to its clients who include law enforcement and public safety agencies across the United States. Securus has hundreds of patents and a team of professionals comprised of engineers, designers, and technologists who provide innovative solutions to thousands of agencies, which rely on the company’s technology.


The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 1.2 million inmates throughout North America as well as over 3,400 agencies that deal with public safety, law enforcement, and corrections. Securus Technologies provides a wide range of services including emergency response, investigation, communication, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, public information, monitoring products and services, information management, and incident management.


In January 2016, the company expanded its leadership team by adding a senior sales executive whose responsibility is to ensure a high-tech, the software-based sales team is in place. This has since complemented the company’s expanded portfolio of more than 800 products available for the public safety and law enforcement sectors. Through its video services, Securus Technologies allows people to access their incarcerated loved ones conveniently.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.