The United States Money Reserve Encourages the Exploration of their New E-Commerce Website

When using the intuitive functionality and detailed product information, the new online catalog and new e-commerce website for rare and unique silver, gold, and platinum coins deliver the consumer-friendly experience. The U.S. Money Reserve is proud about the announcement. They have an improved face of the company online. The reflects the new look of the form. It also reflects their status as a leader in the market of precious materials. While these new features portray the company’s commitment and trust to customers, they bring it out as the best customer service company. The online platform has a new set of redesigned features. The new photography is impressive. They are the best ahead of the rest. The current U.S. Money Reserve President and Former U.S. Mint Director, Philip Diehl, brings out the brand as a leader in the marketplace. The new website is meant to provide education to consumers on the benefits of acquiring the state-issued gold and experience the enhanced purchasing experience.

The company also announced that they had acquired the new tool to foster development. They can now generate content across all platforms. Therefore, they can interact with their clients seamlessly. The company offers the best precious metals in the world. They have the highest-quality standards in the market. The entire redesign of the e-commerce website included the incorporation of new features and applications. They had an n aim towards helping consumers make an educated decision to buy the gold bullion.

The growing online market depicts the true nature of business. They can now provide a better pricing for precious metals in the market. The United States Money Reserve offers an exclusive PCGS certified product for precious metal surfaces. Customers can now sign up for more information about the gold process. They will be kept updated on the new trends in the market. For this reason, this new website provides information associated with grading, mining, and purchasing of precious metals.

The United States Money Reserve has a client-based advantage whereby their clients can be contacted for consultations. They can also offer special offline releases and purchasing assistance. The site provides a secure online transaction. The United States Money Reserve allows users to return goods once sold. Therefore, this makes then one of the best policy companies in the world. They offer the fastest shipping with insurance coverage. This makes customers excited about the new products. The United States Money Reserve is a leader in state-issued silver, platinum products, and golf in the market.

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U.S. Money Reserve, setting the standard for excellence

 U.S. Money Reserve, one of the world’s largest distributors of gold, silver and platinum products, is not only leading the way in rare metal distribution but in creative marketing and world class management. Recent awards were given to the U.S. Money Reserve’s creative team launching them into the spotlight for excellence in videography. Additionally, CEO Angela “Angie” Koch has announced her new blog on culture, business, wealth management and leadership is to be featured as a regularly in the Huffington Post.

In August 2016 the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) presented the U.S. Money Reserve with two Awards for Excellent in “Creative (TV)/ Cinematograph” and “TV Commercials/Production.” These awards were for an infomercial produced by the company spotlighting their customer and 7-time NASCAR champion Richard Petty. In this video, Mr. Petty highlights the importance of diversifying your savings for a more stable future for you and your family. Mr. Petty, a customer of U.S. Money Reserve, praises the company for their robust customer service and ability to direct, diversify and assist their customers in all their long term money management needs.

In addition to these two awards, the creative team at U.S. Money Reserve received an Honorable Mention and an Award of distinction on their “Pearl Harbor Show” spot. This spot highlights the new 75th-anniversary coin which was minted to memorialize the “date which lives in infamy.” It is the first legal tender that has been minted by the Perth Mint exclusively for distribution by U.S. Money Reserve.

U.S. Money Reserve is not only leading the way in financial management with rare metals, and excellence in videography, recently the CEO Angela “Angie” Koch announced a regular feature blog on the world renown Huffington Post. In her blog, Ms. Koch intends to talk about leadership, business culture and wealth management. Ms. Koch is immensely qualified to write on all of these elements of business and life. Her first post spoke on the how politically established customs can empower women. In this post, she looked to notable female leaders in both the GOP and the Democratic Party as examples.

Under Ms. Koch’s leadership, the U.S. Money Reserve has flourished, setting the standard for quality across many fields. The U.S. Money Reserve is a beacon of excellence which provides trustworthy, robust and stable alternatives to conventional money management systems.

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Understanding The “Gold Standard”

For most people who look to their future economic stability, investments are a very important asset that they spend years planning and creating. This is especially true for people who invest their money in a retirement plan for their future. But as most investors will tell you there are no iron clad guarantees in any investment. In fact, not even the dollar is a certain investment. While there are more financial safe guards today than during the Great Depression, there are still areas of concern regarding the stability of stocks, bonds and real estate. In years past most money in America was considered safe. If you had cash you could feel certain the money was supported by the United States Treasury Department. But the financial world has changed in the last 4 decades. Over the years the U.S. Money Reserve which used to have ample gold to back every dollar printed to ensure that the dollar held changed its policies. Previously every U.S. dollar printed had its worth backed up by gold the precious metal that has long held the strongest economic standard of value for thousands of years. This gold back up reserve was called the “gold standard”. Over time the United States economy grew at such a rate that it no longer had the ability and capacity to have a complete reserve of gold to match the amount of cash that filtered throughout the American economy. Today, while the United States Government does still hold a gold reserve, it does not match dollar for dollar the U.S. economic cash flow.

Since the market and economic collapse of 2008, people have become more apprehensive. For many investors there are still lingering concerns about varied investments. In fact, it really doesn’t matter if the investor has millions or hundreds to invest people today have concerns that there is a safe place they can invest that will offer them stability and longevity for their financial savings. Most people today have learned after the economic crash and recession of 2008 that the economy is a changing fluid financial world where there are no guarantees. This is certainly true with the changing economic times we are witnessing and is even more evident with so much global financial unrest. That is why it is very important to consider looking back at the “Gold Standard” for long term personal financial protections. Precious metal investments such as gold have long proven to be one of the safest places to keep savings funds.

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