Marc Sparks’ Story and the Ground-breaking Spark Tank

Every successful business person often has a story to tell with most having been guided by their extensive study in college and PhD’s in various fields. Marc Sparks brings a twist to this story having broken the ceiling in business through focus, hard work and passion.

The head of the Timber Creek Capital is looked up to by many-a-people today and is an indication that everyone can achieve their goals despite the several obstacles they face while chasing their dreams. Marc Spark as a serial entrepreneur has not only founded myriads of companies but has also sold and provided start-up funds for young promising entrepreneurs.

Marc’s main venture is the capitalist investment where he offers the starters an opportunity to expand by offering development capital as a source of his investment. The much talked about Spark tank of which he is the brainchild is an initiative to identify, empower and grow social entrepreneurs all over the world.

Marc has assembled great experts through the spark tank project to evaluate the high-potential businesses in the world today after which they provide them with a tool to help them realize their goals. The Spark Tank not only widens their clients’ audience through active advertisement but also helps in deploying cutting edge technology and providing both long and short term social business strategies. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

All starting social ventures are welcome to join spark tank through an open platform from where a draw will determine the most promising organization.

Some of the recent participants of spark tank include House of Eli, Mommies in Need and Families to Freedom which are all geared to providing social justice to the less fortunate in the society. The winning organization is then offered a grant to help widen their services to reach as many clients as possible.

According to Crunchbase, by making it as a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks displays excellent investment skills through the ability to speculate successfully businesses looming towards success. His career choice demands of him to have an eye for the unique ideas, promising sales data and an apparent breakdown of how his client will put the capital to use. His success is not a product of luck but is owed to his deep business insight.

To back this up, he chronicled his path to success in the book They Can’t Eat You, which has made it to the shelves of prominent booksellers such as the Amazon. He uses this book as a tool to empower upcoming business people by giving them great ideas based on his real life encounters as an entrepreneur.

The spark tank portrays Marc Sparks’ heart of philanthropy having recognized the socially affected individuals. Nevertheless, he has involved in other humanitarian causes as he partners with fully fledged charity organizations.

Marc Sparks often shares both his wealth and time with the less fortunate as a way of giving back, and has made notable donations including the Dallas high school diploma program. In his career as a philanthropist, he also associated with the Habitat for Humanity to help provide housing solutions to the homeless in Texas.