End Citizens United Supports Progressive and Democratic Candidates this Midterm

There are only a couple more months until the midterm elections of 2018, but End Citizens United is still working hard to endorse candidates. Campaign finance reform is the most important issue to End Citizens United and many of the candidates this year share their views. They want to give the power back to the people in politics instead of leaving it to big money. Visit their page on Facebook.

The decision made in 2010 concerning Citizens United right to keep their financial sources private has the potential for disastrous results. While it had previously been decided that Citizens United legally had to reveal who financed their film degrading Hillary Clinton during her run for the presidency, the Supreme Court overturned that decision once it was appealed by Citizens United. End Citizens United fears that dark money will be able to take over politics in the United States because of this decision.

During this mid-term election, there are many seats that are currently occupied by Republican that have good chances of being taken by Progressives and Democrats. Overall, this election may be of significant importance for the United States. This is why End Citizens United has worked so diligently to choose candidates to back during this election cycle.

It seems strange that one court decision would inspire the creation of an entire political organization, but it was with good reason. Certain decision made by the Supreme Court have a deep impact on society that will be felt for generations to come. This Citizens United verdict is believed by many in the United States to be one that will be in the history books. While most people consider the concept of free speech as something that is granted to individuals, this decision granted this right to corporations as well.

One of the politicians that are opposed by the organization is Judge Kavanaugh. They have been open with their opinion since he was first nominated by President Trump. He has a long history of siding with large corporations. End Citizens United believes that he will be a huge hindrance to campaign finance reform and puts the well-being of American citizens at risk.

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Why You Should Pay Attention to the End Citizens United this Year

Have you ever heard of the End Citizens United (ECU) committee? They are a group of political reformers that want to revamp the political system to a more transparent one. They have already raised millions of dollars towards that goal.

Among the political action committees, End Citizens United is one of the most supported and most important movements that fight for a better political system. They have grassroots donors that contribute towards their goal every month. At the beginning of 2017, for example, they have been able to raise millions, and the PAC is trying to hit a $30 million margin by the 2018 midterm elections for Congress.

The Citizens United was a disaster that happened long ago in the history of the United States. In the American political system, there was a landmark that was accepted by the supreme court to allow freedom of speech and capital support for organizations and corporations to fund the candidates and assist their campaigns.

Because of that, elections are now full of interests and people with wealth behind each and every campaign that we see on the television. The real fights for a better education, for freedom or a society without prejudice, those are all behind a world of interested investors who find ways to use people in power to make political actions that would support their selfish plans. It’s been happening for ages, and it’s nothing new, but not everyone is aware of that problem, not every American even knows what the Citizens United landmark is.

The Political Action Committee aims to put an end to this by electing their own Democrats who are sympathizers of the reform. In early 2017, the PAC was able to raise more than $500,000 in funding to support the candidacy of Jon Ossoff, a Democrat that also wants to use his voice to end this corruption. Jon Ossoff is one of those political figures that also intends to see the Citizens United end like many other Americans do.

But, if the End Citizens United Committee wants to put a stop to the monetization of campaigns, why do they use that own broken system to their advantage? It’s simple, to raise awareness to the problem, and show how broken and unreliable the landmark is and how it breaks the meaning behind elections.

Jon Ossoff was able to surpass that amount, reaching $4 million for the April 18 special election. Now, they are aiming towards other Democrats who are also pro-reform, like Rob Quist.

On 22 May 2017, the committee announced that they had achieved a margin of $200,000 in support to their newest political candidate, Rob Quist. Rob is a personal favorite of the donors of ECU because he is strictly against the Citizens United system and wants to use his influence in the American politics to raise awareness and vote for the end of the landmark.

As months’ pass, the PAC achieves more and more success in changing the political figure of the U.S.

Comments Charles Koch made that may leave Trump asking questions

When it comes to American politics, the Koch brothers have a significant influence. The two brothers, Charles Koch and David Koch are the co-owners of the Koch Industries and have for many years openly supported candidates of their choice. Charles Koch serves as the CEO and company board chairman while David Koch is the vice president. In a recent interview right before Donald Trump locked up the nomination, Koch made comments that he would support Hillary Clinton in the coming elections to be held in November. The interview was with an ABC News reporter.

The statements made by Charles Koch will leave Donald Trump wanting to know why Charles Koch is offering his support for Hillary Clinton. Despite the rhetoric comments about Clinton, he believes that her actions are would be totally different. The comments clearly show that there is discontent with Charles Koch. It is, therefore, good that Donald Trump gets to sit down with Charles Koch and outline his point on the purpose of politics. According to the article that published the interview, this would help Trump get to know why Charles Koch said those comments.

The comments by Charles Koch need to be taken seriously because of the wisdom he has gained over the years as he has been active in politics for many years. His experience is probably the reason why Charles Koch is the head of the conservative movement.

A lot can be read from the discontent that comes from Charles Koch. The comments show that he is disappointed, something that should worry Donald Trump because it reflects what the national base of conservative donors feels. There would be a looming problem if anyone tried reuniting the Republican Party because the problem not only runs down the ballot box but there is a high possibility that the donors will withdraw their financial support. This is something that Trump risks losing especially when he will desperately need it.

These all problems all seem to have started when the people picked Ted Cruz as the candidate for the Republican Party and according to Charles Koch, it showed that people could not differentiate between the crony capitalists and conservative donors. The conservative donors want someone whose politics is based on ideas and not on taxes, public pensions, commercial liability and education. Democrats have also lost because of they produced a Republican governor in their party.

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