Online Social Media Dangerous For College Athletes’ Reputations

Online social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are wonderful technologies. However, many college athletes have gotten into some hot water because of careless posts to social media. Even something seemingly as innocuous as mentioning that a teammate has been injured can turn into a negative PR can of worms. It is sometimes difficult to predict just how a simple post on such web sites will land. It could mostly be ignored or laughed off. But, sometimes it becomes the start of scary negative backlash, even to the point of getting athletes suspended.

Coaches and college administrators are going to extra lengths to educate athletes about the consequences of their behaviors when interacting with others or even making simple statement posts. They are being told to start becoming more aware of how their reputations can be negatively affected by such social media posts. They emphasize that the sports organizations they are a part of are like a family, which must be protected. This gives them a position from which to work from.

Furthermore, these athletes are informed how much the transparency of social media can affect their livelihoods in the future. Most employers now review social media as part of their decision to hire someone. Of course, this issue is important for everyone. But, young athletes are especially exposed and especially vulnerable. Even a little slip with this new transparent technology can be quite impactful. Read more about this on Indy Star.

Reputation Firm Works With Professor At University Of Missouri

Online Reputation Management

We live in a time that the value of your word and your character is based greatly upon the value of your online reputation. This means that it is important that your search results are making you look great. When someone meets you in person they will often search your name on one of the most popular search engines. When the person searches your name they might see negative, inaccurate information that slanders your character. If you are interested in preserving your online image, then you should invest some time and energy into working with a well known online reputation management company.

Introducing Status Labs

Status Labs holds their headquarters in Houston. They also have offices in other places, such as in New York. The company makes online reputation management their main priority by serving everyone they can help, including Fortune 100 brands and public figures. Status Labs is growing fast and has already worked with more than 1,500 clients since they started their operation.

Status Labs works hard to help their clients create solutions to their online reputation management that are specifically designed to meet their own, personal needs. They work with individuals and companies to maximize positive online images. Their services include online reputation management, search engine optimization, Google suggested and related search management and permanent link removal. Anyone can post information on the internet that is misleading or false, and Status Labs helps people preserve their image by designing a program to address any issues.

Recent News

In a report from USA Today, you can see an actual example of how Status Labs has worked to help others manage their online image. In this example, Status Labs works with a professor at the University of Missouri. The professor, Melissa Click, had a major dispute that was filmed where she cursed at police officers during a protest.