As Olympic Valley Incorporation Efforts Fail Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Looks Forward

A recent article in the Reno Gazette Journal, “Squaw-Alpine Boss Looks to Turn Page on “Divisive’

Fight highlights the recently ended political battle that has taken place over the last four years between Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, owner and operator of Squaw Valley-Alpine Resort and a group seeking to incorporate the area. Those backing incorporation have formally withdrawn their request, due to the California’s Local Agency Formation’s determination that the proposed town would not be financially viable.

Both sides fought hard, with each reportedly spending “hundreds of thousands” on their respective campaigns. The group seeking incorporation wanted local control over development plans, while Squaw Valley Ski Holdings , led by CEO Andy Wirth, fought against what they saw as the possibility of higher taxes, decreased local services and isolation from other North Shore communities with whom they currently work on regional issues.

Now that the incorporation battle has essentially ended, CEO Wirth is hoping for healing, unity and progress. Wirth hopes to work cooperatively on transportation and other issues that move the area forward.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has a love of the outdoors embedded deeply in his family history, as his grandfather, Conrad Wirth, served at Director of the United States National Park Service. Wirth has worked in the mountain resort and hotel industry for three decades, beginning at the Steamboat Springs Resort in 1986, where he served until being named CEO of Squaw Valley.

Under Andy Wirth’s leadership, Squaw Valley received a $70 million upgrade and vastly improved their customer experience to become a top ski resort in customer satisfaction. Wirth also oversaw the acquisition and merger of Alpine Meadows with Squaw Valley. In 2013, Wirth survived a skydiving accident in which his arm was severed from his body and was subsequently surgically reattached.