Anthony Marsala COO Of Madison Street Capital Is Honored By M&A Advisor

Big Corporate mergers are being pronounced dead before they get started these days. The merger and acquisition industry is under government scrutiny especially if the companies involved are big-hitters in their industry. But Chicago-based Madison Street Capital is not in business to help big corporations merge with each other. Co-Founder Anthony Marsala told the Chicago Tribune recently that his company works with small and medium size companies that want to merge or be acquired. The Tribune was doing an article on Marsala because of the recent announcement that he won the Emerging Leaders Award given by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts every year. Marsala is receiving the award for his outstanding financial performance in the merger and acquisition industry. The article said Marsala will receive the award at a gala in June in New York City.

Madison Street Capital is a leader in valuation analysis, solvency analysis, valuations, and debt reorganization. The company also has a hedge fund division run by the other co-founder, Charles Botchway. Botchway and Marsala started Madison Street Capital in 2005, and it didn’t take long for the pair to make their mark in the financial industry. Both men have a long term proven track records in finance, so the partnership was a perfect match. Marsala focuses on mergers around the world, and Botchway focuses on investments in emerging markets as well as in developed countries. did an article on Madison Street and in that article, Madison Street was profiled as an investment firm that can raise capital quickly, and analyze the profitability of companies faster than other investment firms.

Botchway likes to call his company an investment firm that cares about its clients once the deals are completed. The rate of mergers and acquisitions was cut in half in the first quarter of 2016, but Madison Street Capital’s M&A activity was stronger than ever. The number of deals and the value of the deals were down during the first three months of 2016, but that news didn’t include Madison Street Capital’s activity. Botchway said a number of big deals fell through because of new laws and more restrictions. Those restrictions were put in place so big companies would still have to pay taxes at the higher rate that most conglomerates want to avoid. The total value of merger and acquisitions in the first quarter of 2016 was more than $300 million less than the value of the mergers than were completed in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to Mr. Botchway.

One of the major deals that didn’t happen was the pharmaceutical merger between Pfizer and Allergan. That was a $160 billion merger, but new Treasury Department regulations put a stop to that deal, according to Botchway.

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Madison Street Capital’s COO Anthony Marsala Is Honored At An M&A Advisor Gala

Even though merger and acquisition deals are falling apart left and right this year, Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based investment firm, is doing better than most M&A managers. The success of Madison Street Capital’s merger and acquisition division is due to COO, Anthony Marsala. Tony Marsala is an awarding winning financial expert and co-founder of Madison Street Capital. M&A Advisor recently named Marsala one of the winners of the 2016 Emerging Leaders Award in finance, according to an article published by the Chicago Tribune. Marsala will receive his award in New York City at the Athletic Club in Manhattan.

This is not the first award Marsala has earned over his 15-year career. Tony has been recognized for his outstanding work in finance analysis, strategic planning, valuation projections and merger and acquisition analysis. Small and medium-size companies are the type of companies that Marsala likes to help. Madison Street Capital makes merger deals around the world and the firm also helps companies acquire other companies in emerging markets.

The total value of the first quarter merger and acquisition deals in 2016 was $283 million. In the fourth quarter of 2015, the total was$530 million. Marsala told that many of the large merger and acquisition deals were squashed by the federal government, but Madison Street Capital is still making M&A deals without government interference. The reason Madison Street Capital is so successful is Marsala picks companies that don’t pose a threat to the free enterprise system, or they won’t be considered a monopoly after the deal is completed.

CEO Charles Botchway recently told the Chicago Tribune that the Madison Street Capital hedge fund division is on track to produce better-than-expected returns thanks to a successful three-year plan. Even though a lot of hedge funds are only producing a 2 percent return, Madison Street Capital is still turning in better than the industry returns. Most of the Madison Street Capital assets are in emerging markets that are performing better than the so-called BRICS countries. Mexico and India are turning in record gross domestic product numbers, and Botchway said Madison Street has assets in those countries.

But the spotlight is on COO Anthony Marsala for his outstanding merger and acquisition performance in 2015. Marsala expects more M&A action in 2016. It’s true that many large mergers and acquisitions are not happening because of the size of the mergers and the fear that the marketplace will suffer if those deals happen. But Marsala believes medium size companies are in the market for a merger in 2016. Companies in Europe, South America, and Asia need help, and Madison Street Capital’s Marsala will find a perfect match for those companies. That’s what Marsala does best. He brings the world together one merger at a time.

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