Why George Soros Created the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros is not only a liberal billionaire, but also an avid subscriber to the Open Society philosophy: like all ardent students of Karl Popper. He has always been a student of the Australian philosopher’s school of thought since his formative years in school and has remained so in conviction and persuasion. The popular philosopher, who made such a heavy impact on George Soros, was not the initial proponent of the philosophy but Henri Bergson. He only made significant improvements to Henri Bergson’s arguments when he published the Open Society and Its Enemies (1945). The publication argues that although different societies, individuals, and groups have answers to society, morality, religion, and government, none of them has ever had the ultimate answer.

According to Henri Bergson, of whom Karl Popper supports, all totalitarian regimes like the Nazis and the Communists fail to recognize that other societies get certain societal concepts more accurately than them. The regimes, in their fallacious conviction that their way of life is superior than those of others, the regimes impose their way of life on others through economic sanctions and violent intimidation. An example of a totalitarian regime that wrongfully tried to impose their great way of life on the world was the Nazi regime. The regime felt that their race was the supreme race and that it was wrong for it to co-exist and interbreed with other races. They perceived Jews to be inferior.

Therefore, they encroached on Hungary and killed over 500,000 Hungarian Jews in an effort to cleanse their race out of the region. George Soros and his kin had to lie low and conceal their Jewish identities to survive. They did so by faking their identity documents and helping other Jews to do the same. George Soros later made it out of Budapest and went to the London School of Economics to lay a foundation for his future. At the London School of Economics, George did not only learn Economics but Philosophy as well. He scrutinized Karl Popper’s publication by the title ‘the Open Society and Its Enemies (1945)‘ and understood the importance of pushing liberal causes through philanthropy.

Ever since he moved to the United States and started making his fortunes through predicting the performance of currencies and making suitable investments, he kept on making efforts to make the world as liberal as he could. Up to date, the philanthropic billionaire has given out over 12 billion dollars to causes that support the pursuit of freedom and justice for the oppressed.Most of his charitable donations are always associated with the Open Society Foundations which he created in the 1970s to help out the oppressed across the globe in over 100 countries.


The Capital Group Is Helping Many Investors With Achieving Their Financial Goals

Warren Buffett has been known for wagering $1,000,000 to charity in which he’s capable of achieving greater returns on investments that groups of hedge fund managers by investing in a passive index fund of the S&P 500. That bet is going to have its decision made this year, and it’s looking like Mr. Buffet is probably going to be collecting on it. Mr. Warren Buffet is correct in the sense that there’s too many expensive and mediocre funds that end up shortchanging investors.

It’s imperative for investors to support the commitments he’s made to simple and low cost investments for the long term. Mr. Buffett’s approach of investing has been “bottom-up” in which he’s been able to rigorously build durable portfolios and analyze companies. His strategies of investing have proven themselves throughout several decades. No one has necessarily been better at delivering the memo that Americans should be saving much more for their years of retirement. They have been advised to get invested and continue to stay invested.

If you are looking for an investor who may be able to support and assist you in your endeavors of investing, please refer your questions and concerns to Timothy D. Armour, as he is the CEO of The Capital Group, an investment firm that is always willing to help anyone who may be wanting to attain financial freedom. He is also a portfolio manager of equities. He has 34 years of experience of investing with the Capital Group. In the earlier years of his career, he covered both U.S. service companies and global telecommunications. Timothy Armour had begun working in the Associates Program at the Capital Group and currently holds a bachelor’s degree in the subject of economics. He’s currently based in the city of Los Angeles, California and can be contacted should you have any questions about the company he works with.

The Californian Capital Executive Extraordinaire

Have you ever heard of the amazing and talented Timothy D. Armour? He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at The Capital Group Companies Inc. Recently he made a commentary about what Warren Buffet said towards dealing with the process of investment strategy. According to Armour, consumers should and effectively be wary of product labels and what they offer. The volatility risks and opportunity costs of passive index investments are typically unknown or underestimated. It is not about being passive or active, it is about delivering good long-term investment returns. These passive index returns are a much better bet for a good retirement.

Now on to Timothy D. Armour, sometimes called Tim, is the top executive at The Capital Group Companies which is situated in Los Angeles, California. He is a veteran investment manager with thirty-two years of experience which made him the top choice for Chief Executive Officer. In 2015, the fifty-seven year old Armour was to succeed James Rothenberg for the position and he triumphantly thrived that moment he took over. He was determined to use his many years of experience to take the company forward towards success in any obstacles it might have.

About Armour’s education he holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from the wonderful Middlebury College in 1983. He was always a studious and intelligent student. He would always ask questions whenever he needed help or was confused about a class topic. He would also help others who needed it which made him an approachable person and that being a distinguishable feature that would carry on to his work life. All this hard work would help him to successfully become a participant of The Associates Program for The Capital Group Companies Inc. This is where he started as an Equity Investment Analyst, Fund Investment Manager and going up the corporate ladder with other similar positions that he thrived in until he successfully and gracefully become the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for the company.

Free investment advice from Brazilian investor, Igor Cornelsen

There are many people that dream of success in the word of investing. The ideas of the fields where one can invest successfully are endless; however, not all of them are as effective. This is perhaps the reason less than 5 percent of the humanity owns more than 90 percent of the resources in the world. Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian investor has been dealing with the world of investment for many years now and he claims that he understands the mistakes that people make when investing. He is currently working with a company known as Bridge Investments which is based in the Bahamas.

Igor Cornelsen started working with the company five years ago. One of the things that he says he noted about many potential investors is the fact that they usually have the zeal and the capital, but get stuck when it comes to selecting the ideal investment types for their situations. A large portion of the people did not have any idea where to start in their investment journey on about.me. He wanted to get these people together and help them create investment portfolios that would serve them well into their retirement and beyond.

He states that the first thing that made him start his journey to success was learning the secret of anticipating changes in the market before they did. For instance, before Brazil became part of BRIC, he had done his analysis and realized that it would become an economic powerhouse on SnapPages.com. This helped him make strategic investments that have led to the massive success that he is now enjoying, and the reason he was able to retire early.

The one piece of advice at http://www.jusbrasil.com.br/topicos/64228355/igor-cornelsen, he wishes all new investors would heed is making sure that they have studied new markets before getting involved with them. Knowing the norms, customs and other societal nuances can give you a huge advantage in investing. The customs of a place affect their business to a great extent, and understanding them helps one make informed choices. When he is not working, Igor Cornelsen relaxes at home in Florida with his lovely wife and children. He is a true inspiration to the business community.

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Igor Cornelsen Advices Investors in Brazil

Brazil is the eight largest economy in the world, so no wonder this Latin American country attracts many investors. However, in recent years the local stock market hasn’t performed too well, and now there are growth concerns as this commodity-producing nation suffers from declines in commodity prices.

Moreover, there’s a growing political instability since President Dilma Rousseff was removed from the office by the Brazilian Senate as corruption investigation takes place. It’s not clear whether she will be reinstated after 180 days, the period for which she was removed pending investigation proceedings. See: https://disqus.com/by/igorcornelsen/

Igor Cornelsen knows a lot about Brazil. Igor Cornelsen is a retired investment banker who used to be responsible for managing some of Brazil’s largest banks. Currently, he works with Bainbridge Group, a company specializing in stock market investing.

Not every investor in Brazil goes only after shares of local companies. There are many foreign entrepreneurs seeking to enter this large market of 200 million people. Igor Cornelsen advises them to be ready to deal with the red tape. One of the best ways to do so is to partner with the locals who know the Brazilian market and its complex regulations.

Partnering with a right company or a person can make a big difference. Plus, the Brazilians like to do business with those they know according to Igor Cornelsen.

Another important piece of advice given refers to foreign currency transactions. These currency transactions can only be done through authorized financial institutions. “You must find a bank authorized to deal in foreign exchange to hold local-currency if you or your business are non-residential,” says Mr. Cornelsen.

Moreover, foreigners should be aware that there is no single foreign exchange rate. The actual exchange rate will depend on a type of transaction. So, careful planning and analysis of these rates and transactions is needed in advance.
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Forefront Capital Advisors’ Partnership With Easter Seals Dixons Center

On the 29th of February, 2016 Forefront Capital Advisors CEO and Easter Seals Dixon Center announced their new partnership. Forefront Capital decision to enter into a partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center was due to Easter’s positive impact on lives of veterans and military families.

Easter Seals Dixons commits itself to highlight the potential of the selfless individuals and create wonderful life changing opportunities for them. Easter Seals Dixons does this by eliminating any barriers that prevent veterans and military families from accessing employment, education and healthcare. Forefront Capital Advisor’s CEO Brad Reifler restates that the company’s mission is to ensure there is a notable difference in the military community and guaranteeing their financial future. Since Forefront Capital Advisors believe in financial stability for all, partnering with Easter Seals Dixon offers them a great opportunity to help the military community financially.

Forefront Capital Advisors donated $3million that will be used to fund Easter Seals Dixon Center programs such as education and advocacy, caregiver training services, job training and health and wellness. Both organizations are sure that the partnership will give veterans and military families an opportunity to integrate themselves into the society and build them financially.

Forefront Capital Advisors is a global financial services firm. It specializes in alternative investment management, merchant banking and investment banking services. The firm boasts of having the capability to influence highly respected and experienced business leaders to invest in it. Inorder to access market opportunities Forefront has a variety of investment machinery both public and private.

Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Capital Advisors started his professional career in the early 1980s. This was when he founded Reifler Trading Company that was involved in managing millions of dollars in discretionary accounts. It later offered institutional research, execution and global derivative advisory services. In 1992, Brad founded Reifler Capital Management which was an advisor focusing on commodity based- and foreign exchange strategies.

Wikipedia would seem to indicate Brad later sold the Reifler Trading Company to Refco Inc in 2000. This was after managing Refco Inc.’s Institutional Sales Desk from 1995-2000. About.me shows that prior to selling Reifler Trading Company, he founded Pali Capital in 1995 where he made a name for himself as a financial services provider globally. While in Pali Capital, Reifler ensured the expansion of hedge funds through credit analysis and derivative structures. He led the Company to earn over $1billion in commission fee and had offices in four continents.

Reifler later resigned his duties at Pali and in 2009 founded Forefront Capital Advisors and became the CEO. Through Forefront, Reifler has sought to innovate a highly differentiated product offering. He has propelled the company to attract top investment banker and business leaders to the firm. They consequently introduce new opportunities that arise from the web of relationships that are created from the Community.

Investing in Stocks with Jim Dondero

There are a lot of people who have interest investing in the stock market. Anyone who wants to build wealth over time needs to make sure they have a firm grasp of investing principles. Using a professional advisor is a great way to build a plan in this area. There are many people who look to James Dondero for investing advice. Over the past couple of years, he has been able to help thousands of people with their investing portfolio. Investing in the stock market is dangerous at times, but it is also the best way to earn a high return on invested capital.

James Dondero is one of the best financial planners in the country today. He takes a unique approach to investing that few people have issues with. The great thing for his clients is that he is able to explain investing in a way that makes sense to them. Over a long period of time, this is an essential element of building wealth. Not only will Jim Dondero help clients with their investments, but he also explains investing in a way that makes sense to the common person.

Over a long period of time, investing in the stock market is difficult for many people. The easiest way to succeed with investing is to make it a habit. There are a lot of people who automatically invest money every month. This takes all of the emotion out of investing. The people who have success investing are usually the ones who stick to it even when times are rough. To start the year in 2016, the stock market went down nearly ten percent.

James Dondero is one of the best financial planners in the industry. Over the past couple of years, he has helped many people in their journey to build wealth. The good news is that his investing advice is applicable to almost everyone. There are a lot of people who say he is one of the biggest reasons for their success with investing. Anyone who wants to take the next step with their portfolio should use his investing advice. Jim Dondero is a great example of how to succeed as a financial advisor.