Andrew Rolfe Helps In Organizing A Gala Dinner For The Ubuntu Education Fund

The Ubuntu Education Fund gala dinner, which targeted to raise £600,000, was held in London. The Fund managed to raise more than £603,000. The fundraiser aimed to raise money to expand the student capacity at their campus in Port Elizabeth and improve an on-site pediatric clinic. The event was hosted by the chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe, who brought a Xhosa choir to entertain the guests. He also ensured that they were well fed. The touching stories of Sinesipho Rabidyani inspired many people to contribute towards the noble cause. The management of the Fund had also organized for an auction. The auction raised £38,000. The founder and CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief, also gave a speech and mentioned that the organization has helped reduce HIV transmission in their areas of operation. The foundation’s offices are based in Port Elizabeth. Today, the Ubuntu Fund is supporting over 2,000 children from disadvantaged families by providing them with education, home stability, nutrition, and healthcare services.

About Andrew Rolfe

Besides his role at the Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe also serves as the managing director of TowerBrook Capital Partners. Here, he is responsible for acquiring companies that engaged in hospitality, retail, food service across the US and Europe. Previously, he worked as an executive at The Gap, Inc., where he helped the clothing brand to expand its operations globally. Andrew also worked for Banana Republic, where he oversaw its success by penetrating into new markets, including Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. Rolfe, who once held the position of CEO and chairman of Booker Foodservice, has a record of helping companies venture into the international markets. Other companies that have benefited from his exceptional leadership skills are J. Jill, True Religion Apparel, Inc. and Beverages & More.

The passionate leader enrolled in the University of Oxford where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in 1988. He later joined St. Edmund Hall in Oxford to pursue his master’s degree. In addition, Andrew holds a master’s degree in economics and administration from Harvard Business School. Over the years, Rolfe has used his transformative leadership to impact the lives of many needy children in Africa. The executive is always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand their capacity for helping more disadvantaged children and families.