Anil Chaturvedi Shades More light on the Role of Banks in the Global Economy

Anil Chaturvedi is a seasoned banker with 40 years of experience in the banking industry. He has worked in private banking, investment banking as well as commercial banking fields.

Chaturvedi graduated with a B.A in Economics from Meerut University. Later, he enrolled at the Delhi School of Economics at the Delhi University in 1973 and graduated with M.B.A. So far, he has had a successful career and it has seen him hold several prestigious positions. Furthermore, he served as a Branch Manager at the State Bank of India, a County Head for North America among other positions.

Currently, Anil Chaturvedi is the Managing Director (MD) in Private Banking for Hinduja Bank Switzerland.

The banking industry plays a big role in the growth of the economy. However, as much as that is well-known, we don’t know exactly how. With Anil Chaturvedi’s guidance, you’re going to understand the importance of the banking industry in the world economy.

The work of Banks

Banks are classified according to the services they offer and the customers they serve. Retail, private, corporate and business banking are classified according to the customers they serve. For instance, retail banks serves small businesses and consumers. The other type of banks, investment banks, serves individuals or entities looking to raise capital or are interested in mergers or acquisition.

Essentially, the function of banks is to enable people borrow, save, make payments and provide checks more efficiently.

The role banks plays in the global economy

Anil Chaturvedi and other executives in the banking industry can move from one bank to another because the role of banks does not change much, be it in a country or even globally.

1.Gatekeepers of Economy

In a capitalist economy banks plays a huge role as much as economy gatekeeping is concerned.

2.Security of your money

In a world where insecurity is a big problem, banks are essential in ensuring your funds are secure and you can make secure payments.


They enable savers to get loans and expand businesses. In addition, at least, banks helps solve cash flow issues.

As Anil Chaturvedi have seen, banks gives entrepreneurs better chances to succeed. Without banks, individuals and small business owners, would suffer enormously and lead to reduced opportunity for regular people.