Lime Crime-Supplying the Tools For Real Beauty

Purple is the “it” color of the season, and Lime Crime has many ways to incorporate the trend into your daily makeup routine. There is the opalescent highlighter trios, unicorn hair dye, and the Venus palettes. Lime Crime’s Blossoms palette has a soft lavender highlighter is the perfect way to wear purple if you are not wanting to go bold and out there with the trendy color. There is also the Mermaids palette that has a soft seashell hue.

A highlighter is a really great way to accentuate the cutest features of your face and to add a soft glow to your most important features. It is easy to apply as well and only takes a second. You will want to apply your highlighter to the ridge of your nose and under your brows. Don’t forget your cheekbones, too.

Lime Crime also has many matte lipsticks to choose from in purple hues, and if you really want to sport the color, you can go bold with Juicy, Chocolate Cherry, or Aesthetic-all brilliant and brazen purple colors.

Matte lips are also in so what better way to wear the trendy purple color than with matte lips? Matte lips are just a pretty lip color without all of the shine, and your lips will feel feathery soft with Lime Crime’s long-wearing liquid matte lipstick. There are so many fresh colors to choose from such as Polly, Fetish, and Beet it-all pretty purple hues.

An eyeliner is a fun way to accentuate your eyes. There are many ways to add some flare too such as with fishtails, and you can go bold or barely-there. If you are new to the tricky technique of eyeliner application, you will want to practice at home before you go out to flaunt your new look. Confidence is a big part of your beauty and if you aren’t feeling it, no one else will either. No matter what you do with your makeup just be sure to have fun with it and most importantly be yourself and be true to yourself. That is the root of true beauty.