Fabletics Set to Open More Stores

Fabletics intends to open close to 100 stores within the next five years. The band’s seventh store is set to be open this spring. By being able to buy the clothes in person, the customers will have the chance to try on the clothes for a perfect fit. The clients will also be asked to join the subscription service of the brand. With this, they will be getting outfits each month at a discount. The amount of the outfits will be charged from the clients’ credit card. Adam Goldenberg, the co-founder, and co-CEO of JustFab, said the generally, the customers found the service helpful. He said this based on the number of people who liked the service versus those who had complained about it.

However, the company is looking to make sure that no complaints will be made by bettering the service. Adam said that it would also be important to give more information on the program and how it works.

Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics president of retail, said that the increasing number of stores had impacted sales positively. He added that even the online sales were doing better. The stores they intend to open will be located in strategic area, mostly where many customers can access. Gregg said that this would give customers the freedom to go to the store to fit in look for the fabric they want and later on shop online. The company also seeks to add more products in their store.

Kate Hudson is the company’s spokesperson. She emphasizes on the colors, low price ranges, and quick catalog. The business has moved from an online only to the opening store. The Fabletics store staff will be arranging the store in the 20th of every month, putting the latest products on display. This will attract even more clients.

Fabletics came up in 2013 co-founded by Kate Hudson and others. It provides appropriate and functional products. They have a range of products. Recently, they began stocking men’s wear. Clients like the outfits by Fabletics because of how trendy and affordable they are. They are good at business because they give first-timers great discounts. VIP members get the products at almost half the price, and shipping is free. To be a VIP all you have to do is do a short test so that Fabletics can know you better and be able to send outfits that suit you. During the months that you do not want to make a purchase, all you have to do is log in and skip. This is done within the first five days of the month. You can also return the products within 30days after shipping. At Fabletics you get value for your money.