Make it a Night You Will Never Forget

If you’re planning an event, there are some tips to make it as stress free as possible! Starting early and staying organized is a big part in that. To help you stay organized, lists are very important! Whether you prefer to highlight off completed items or check them off, a list will help you stay on task. Another way to help stay organized is to choose a theme. Themes are always fun to do! And they will help you be able to plan around a specific thing, which can make the planning process easier.


Don’t forget to send out invitations! Without the invitations, no one will know to show up. That can be bad for a lot of things, but especially if you are having a bar with drinks for the adults and the kids! Then there will be no one to drink those drinks that have been so graciously supplied. Whether it’s a kids party or an adult party, a drink created especially for the party is always fun, too!


Make sure if it is an adult party with kids welcome to have a kids table set up! Keep the food simple so that it will appeal to most everyone, too. This will avoid hurt feelings if people are picky eaters or have food allergies and aversions. Keep the settings and the decorations simple to help you stay calm and relaxed. Most importantly, have fun! And don’t forget the goodie bags for on the way out!


Planning parties can be stressful so sometimes it’s easier to just hire someone to do all of the grunt work. When it comes to finding event planners in NYC, whether you’re throwing a birthday party or an anniversary party, there can be a lot to choose from! Sometimes just choosing from multiple event planning companies in NYC is enough to turn people away from an event planner; however, having an event planner to handle all of the stress is crucial! Whether you go with one of the smaller event planners, or one of the bigger corporate event planners in NYC, they will be sure to help make your party as stress free as possible!


Twenty Three Layers is a full service event planning company as well as a design firm located in New York City. They have energetic as well as creative minds and they will make sure that they far surpass even the greatest of visions! Whether the event is a casual and sophisticated corporate meeting or it is a sparkling and glamorous sweet 16, they will pay great attention to detail and make it a night you will never forget!