The Career Journey of Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist. He started his career in medicine before deciding to pursue business. He graduated from INSEAD Masters of Business Administration program in 1997. In 1998, he became the manager of McKinsey and Company where he was responsible for undertaking Russian rail reform until 2003. 2003-2004, saw Alexei appointed Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Brunswick Capital an investment company. Here he launched rail car leasing business which has been ranked top 3 in the industry. The leasing business boasts of a fleet of over 10,000 rail cars. This innovation has been described as a success story by many including a book by AT Kearney partner.

From 2004-2006, he served as the executive director and later as CEO and board member of Renova Project which is management Company of Renova Group. While here, he rationalized investment, launched a new venture, specialized in business restructuring and establishments of corporate governance systems. In February 2015, Alexei was made the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy which is an online educational system.

From the year 2007 onwards, CrunchBase shows Alexei founded various companies. He founded A-Ventures Ltd, a company that was dedicated towards helping other companies within Russia that are struggling financially. New Gas Technologies was a venture project that focused on the utilization of associated petroleum gas. He also established Mechanicus which was a car repair business.

LinkedIn indicates that Alexei also works hand in hand with the Russian government in providing economic guidance and support. This is through the Skolkovo Foundation where he sits as the Vice-President. The Skolkovo Foundation offers grants to Russian technology startups who are seeking to expand throughout Russia. In 2008 he was appointed a member of the Advisory Council for Special Economic Zones of the Ministry of Economy. In 2009, INSEAD placed him as its Entrepreneur in Residence. In addition to this, he founded Endemic Capital in 2013 which is a resource center that provides funding to these start-up companies.

As stated earlier, Alexei is a philanthropist. He has helped form different organizations and charitable institutions. He helped in establishing the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD which provides financial support to Russians in INSEAD University. Alexei currently serves as an observer on the Board of Directors of FORO Energy.

In 2015, Alexei, launched Solvy at EdSurge Conference in Los Angeles. is an online system that creates and administers math homework to high school students.