Simplify Spring Cleaning With A Service Called Handy

Spring is now in full swing. The season is a time of renewal, or rebirth and for homeowners of course it is a time for spring cleaning. Now some of you may dread having to do a spring cleaning. After all it is supposed to be a thorough cleaning of the entire house. If you just feel that you are not up to do task of doing the entire spring cleaning yourself or are physically unable to do it, then there are some good alternatives.

One way of making spring cleaning easy is through a service called Handy. If you are not familiar with Handy it is what can be described as an on demand house and property cleaning service. While it is not instantaneous, you still have to book a cleaning at least a day in advance for the company to process and prepare a cleaner for you. Handy does provide you with a quick and easy solution to your home cleaning needs.

Handy was founded by a pair of young entrepreneurs, Oisin Hanrahan hailing from Ireland and Umang Dua hailing from India. The two co-founders of Handy were roommates while studying at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They came up with an idea of offering an on demand cleaning service that would be similar to Uber and taxi service. The two students took a risk and decided to drop out of Harvard University and create their startup.

A slow start to their endeavor occurred, but they managed to grow the company and raise capital in terms of millions of dollars from investors. From a two man team they grew a company that now employs hundreds if not thousands of people including corporate, marketing, sales and cleaning staff. Handy services clients in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The firm could expand into other countries in the future. Most major cities in those countries are served, and in some cases their metro areas are covered by Handy as well.

So what can Handy do for you for your spring cleaning this year? The firm services homes and apartments alike. You can have a few rooms cleaned or your entire home. Want eco-friendly products used around your home? Just let Handy know. You can book cleaning services online through a computer on the company website. A handy app available for free on the smartphone can also be used to book cleaning services. It only takes a few minutes to book, which is why Handy has been so successful.

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