Andy Wirth Spearheading Development of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings

Andy Wirth is one of those people who know what it is to be held back by life obstacles. The CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has been through a tough ordeal losing his arm through a skydiving accident. However, he proved that this was just a minor setback. It did not deter him from focusing on his life goals. On the contrary, he is proud to have had a fresh start where he established the Wounded Warrior Support.

According to Powder, through this organization, Andy Wirth seeks to reach out to the Navy Seal veterans who give their all in the battlefield. The grants from this organization will help those who have suffered fatal injuries or lost their limbs in the line of duty protecting their country. It is such a heart-warming initiative from this great leader and adventurer. Read more: Special Warfare Warrior | Andy Wirth’s Fundraiser

In his comeback, Andy Wirth also got elected as the chairperson for the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service. In his report, he speaks of the airline as a cornerstone for the growth of the economy. The company in charge of promoting air services as well as identifying potential in other flights was proud to receive Andy Wirth aboard their corporate ship.

The Squaw Valley has been a major tourist attraction site for some time attributed to the nature of the terrain. It forms such a beautiful spot for the diehard skiing fans who have explored the different steep cliffs on the U-shaped valley.

The resort is located ten miles off Lake Tahoe to the North. The summits in this region have been traversed by some of the greatest skiers, who have even named fascinating sites such as the China Wall, the Fingers, and the Chimney to name a few. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a package of absolute fun and refreshment. With enough parking space and accommodation sites, it has received millions of visitors over the years besides hosting the 1960 Olympics.

The valley has revolutionized and today offers other fun activities like golfing, hotels and spas, elite clubs among others. That followed the purchase from Nancy Cushing in 2010 by the KSL Partners who turned it to a skiing gold mine.

The change in ownership saw to the appointment of Andy Wirth as the CEO who helped in marketing the mountain skiing destination like never before. After three years of work and renovation, they purchased the Alpine meadows, a move designed to expand the village.