Steve Ritchie Approaches Papa John’s Customers With a Sincere Apology and Empathy

Papa John’s is transforming the brand by addressing diversity and inclusion to regain the trust of customers and sponsors. Inc. News reported Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of the pizza company and wrote an apologetic letter to their customers in July 2018. It’s his way of showing them empathy and apologizing on behalf of the franchisees, workers, and the business. It was his second letter which laid out what he is doing about earning the trust of customers. His approach is the first step to rebuild trustworthiness of the franchises and global corporate team members.

In the letter Steve Ritchie wrote to customers, he reminded them that the brand is a pizza company with 120,000 corporate and franchise members around the world. The local owners and operators of Papa John’s franchises are devotees to their communities by serving and contributing financial support. Ritchie commits to the pizza company and stands accountable for attempting to improve the business’s culture. For 22 years, he helped to lead the business accomplishing international growth and expansion. He said in the correspondent he’s leading the endeavor of accountability and wishes the teams continue to serve them with great honor.

What Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is doing to regain the trust of Papa John’s customers is hiring audit professionals to evaluate the company. The evaluation will involve observing its culture and practices to identify strengths and weaknesses that will help with improvements. The company’s senior management team are receiving training on communicating effectively with workers and franchisees. They will collect feedback and recommendations for improving the cultural environment in the workplace and with customers.

As the new Chief Executive Office for Papa John’s (@PapaJohns), Steve Ritchie apologizes to customers and thank them for their loyalty. He showed compassion and assures them the company is taking the necessary steps to build trust. They will set transparent goals after the audit professionals complete their evaluation of the pizza company’s culture and business practices. The overall mission is to attract their loyal customers and new pizza lovers.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Influence On Women For Dating Apps

Whitney Wolfe is a pioneer for women in the workplace. She has a long history with innovation and unique insights into the industry. Her first step was being a part of the group who founded Tinder. This was a match making dating app that quickly took the industry by storm. However, the work environment was extremely hostile towards her. It resulted in her departure and a sexual harassment lawsuit. It may have seemed like a set back, but Whitney Wolfe used opportunity to seize her own path.

Starting with the first Forbes article, it describes the conception of Bumble. Despite being at a crossroads in her career, Whitney Wolfe choose to continue pursing apps. She meet an individual who latched on to her idea almost imminently. After a series of back and fourth meetings across the country, she created a revolutionary dating app. It’s name was Bumble, and it targeted female users. Wolfe founded Bumble. In a era of full hyper masculinity this app would be safe heaven for women to interact with others safely.

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The next Forbes article elaborates on the features of Bumble, and how Whitney Wolfe has benefited from the service. The app gives full social control to the hands of women. It acts in stark contrast to other apps in the industry like Tinder, which runs rampant with rude users. The team at Bumble has only continued to refrain the service over time. They recently add two features, BFF and Bizz. The first, Bumble BFF, connects users on a more personal level in the app. The second, Bumble Bizz, gave the service a professional edge that other apps simply don’t have. The app’s popularity growth has been nothing short of awe inspiring.

In an extremely competitive business industry, Whitney Wolfe has proven that an awful event can be the catalyst to something greater. She now boasts a multi-million fortune. However, she has never lost sight of her vision for a moment. Bumble’s goal is to be a pillar for women in the world, and give them a place to socialize on equal footing.

Ryan Seacrest: Entrepreneur, Host, Producer

Ryan Seacrest is the host of American Idol, which returned to ABC spring of 2018. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is an entrepreneur who has been a host and producer in radio and television. He is the host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest for iHeartMedia’s 102.7 KIIS-FM. He has also been involved with hosting and producing of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the annual program Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest and E! Live from the Red Carpet. The radio show host has been involved in several entertainment and media companies. He has been involved with philanthropy, with his efforts having a major impact across the nation.

Ryan Seacrest Productions produces Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Shades of Blue and Insatiable. RSP has produced Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a reality series which has won Emmy awards. The company RSP has also won Emmy awards.

Aside from the hosting and producing, he has a menswear collection. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is only sold at Macy’s. It’s a leading lifestyle brand that celebrates classic looks. It combines masculine signature, texture and color. This brand helps create coordinated looks for men. This brand has products such as tailored clothing, pants and sweaters. He also has a skincare line which he partnered with a dermatologist named Harold Lancer. Polished is a brand that was created for men. It helps take care of skin, which can help maintain youthful looks. Polished is a part of the Lancer Method, an anti aging method.

His involvement with philanthropy includes the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This organization entertains and educates kids. Their goal is to build media centers in pediatric hospitals, letting patients explore with media such as radio and television. This is to help keep patients entertained during hospital stays and healing processes.

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DAMAC Owner- Hussain Sajwani’s Career And Success In Real Estate Business

Hussain Sajwani is a visionary businessman and the owner of DAMAC Properties, a leading property development company in the Middle East. He is ranked as the tenth richest Arab in the world and often listed among the top 100 influential Arabs courtesy of his successful career in DAMAC properties. Sajwani intends to spread his business to Asia.

The DAMAC owner was born into a business family that ran a store that sold watches. He started helping in the family business after school hours when he was very young. He was among the first students that obtained a scholarship to study in the US.

While studying in the US, Hussain Sajwani started earning by marketing timeshare apartments. He graduated with an economics and Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Washington. He wanted to start his company but understood very well he needed to gain experience in running a successful business. So he started his finance career in a large gas and oil company in Qatar. According to, during the two years he worked in the finance department of the company, Hussain Sajwani was among the team that processed payment for contracts. Later on, he saw the need of starting his company and make more money with the business ideas he had.

After gaining experience working for the oil and gas company, Hussain Sajwani started his first business in 1982, a catering company. The business picked up fast and was among the leading catering companies with more than 200 active projects and serving more than 150, 000 meals per day. Today, the company serves people of Independent States, Africa, and the Middle East. In 2000, he saw an opportunity in the Real estate sector after the UAE opened the real estate sector. The DAMAC owner established DAMAC Properties that started developing rooms for hotels in Dubai.

Today, DAMAC Properties is a multinational company with over 2000 employees and offers services in the UK and countries in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC has been in operation for 15 years, and he gives his employees the freedom to exploit their potential. DAMAC Properties boasts of complete projects including 17,900 homes and 44,000 housing units.

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Talos Energy Has A History Of Outperforming The Competition

The oil and natural gas industry is stronger than ever thanks to healthy demand from both existing and expanding transportation markets across the globe. One of the most up and coming oil and natural gas industries in the world right now is Talos Energy which has recently acquired Whistler Energy II. This will help add to their existing fleet of oil and natural gas reserves. Whistler Energy II is estimated to produce more than 1900 barrels of oil or oil equivalent per day and exceeding 690,000 barrels per year. This oil production is set to come from three separate reserves found in the Gulf Of Mexico. The acquisition was mutually beneficial for the two companies. Talos had recently gained rights to some seismic data that was recorded in the area of these three reserves which will allow them to better understand the full oil potential that each of the three areas contains. By maximizing the output in the Gulf, which is a relatively untapped resource basin compared to other more traditional oil and natural gas reserves, investors are able to see a better return on their investment which could help move future exploration forward.

This is not the first time Talos Energy has proved to be a valuable member in the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, in June of 2017, Talos Energy was awarded the “Discovery Of The Year 2017” award for what is being called the Zama Oil Discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. This coveted award is designed to recognize both innovation and ingenuity in the oil and natural gas industry. This reserve is expected to pump out well over 2 million barrels of oil or oil equivalent throughout its useful lifetime. The award was voted on by more than 200 industry professionals with combined decades in experience. The oil and natural gas industry is constantly changing and requires agile companies like Talos Energy to constantly adapt to changing prices, markets and demand over time. Talos Energy was founded in 2012 by Timothy S. Duncan. It is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “TALO”. etc

Jim Toner’s Thoughts To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Jim Toner is a man of many talents having enjoyed a large amount of success not only in the realm of real estate investment but also as a speaker, radio host and also a highly sought-after consultant. He is recruited to talk at different events all over the United States to talk about the state of real estate investment and to give his insights on how to do it in an intelligent way. Jim Toner has really sought over the years to develop a system that adds a level of user-friendliness to the real estate investment business so that everyday investors can feel like it is something that they can become involved in. Beyond his work in entrepreneurial endeavours, Jim Toner is an avid philanthropist who has a sincere commitment to helping America’s veterans as well as the homeless. At the moment, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) is working with private clients as well as working as a coach for larger groups.

Jim Toner, a real estate investor, is infamous for his get after it attitude and routinely starts his day at the early hour of 5:30 am. His morning routine generally involves clearing his mind before diving into the day. He is also dedicated to a regular fitness routine. Jim also listens to a lot of podcasts that are relevant to his business life while he is doing his morning work out. He also devotes time every day to work on whatever book projects he has going on.

According to Thrift Books, Jim Toner really has some great advice about how entrepreneurs can make their business ideas a reality. One of the biggest points of advice that he gives is that a lot of people think about business ideas or talk about them, but never go after it and make it happen. He likes to make a point to people that even business concepts that have been done before can still be brought to life in new and fresh ways. The thing you really have to remember if you want to get into business is that you just have to go out there and put in the work. This is how you make it happen.

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Victoria Doramus Shares Her Remarkable Recovery Story

Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert who has had real-life experience fighting with drug and alcohol addiction. As Victoria battled, she learned what worked, what didn’t, and whether she needed the help of others to make a change in her life. Once Victoria figured out the exact formula that could get her in the right place, she committed to helping others who are at the place she first started. She hopes that hearing her story and learning about the help she is offering will inspire others to not give up on hope for themselves and the fight for sobriety.

Acknowledging The Addiction

Victoria, a consumer trends expert and creative marketer, started her extensive rehab journey when she was 26 years old. She didn’t know the first thing about addiction but she did realize that her life was spiraling out of control. At the time she had an addiction to Adderall and cocaine. She learned what she could about herself at the facility, but when she left she still didn’t understand that she was suffering from an actual disease that would take a lifetime of struggle and hard work to get past. The sad part is, it wasn’t until she reached her lowest point that she learned what was going on. She tried changing states, friends, and schools, but it took another 60 days in rehab center for her to finally commit to herself that she needed to make a change.

Understanding The Addiction

After the two month rehab experience, Victoria (@iamvictorialynn) moved to NYC to prove to her dying mother that she could get better, but her self-reliance caused her to fail miserably. Finally, she got arrested and had already burned all the bridges with her family members. At that point she went to Texas to get long-term treatment at the Burning Tree. Burning Tree was created especially for the chronic relapse. It has a 12-step program, offering tough love to patients. Lots of discipline, chores and non-stop group sessions with evaluations. It was brutal but, not only did it help Victoria Doramus face her addiction head on, it helped her beat it. After her recovery she committed to helping others with similar struggles. She plans to open a halfway house and base her care on the main principles that helped her, which she learned going through the 12 step program at the Burning Tree. She realizes what addicts need is peer accountability and to learn to accept personal responsibility. See Victoria’s closet at

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Custom Companies: Providing Logistics to American Businesses

Custom Companies is a fast growing logistics company based in Chicago, Illinois. The company was established by Perry Mandera, a dedicated businessman, and entrepreneur. The Custom Companies focus on providing transportation and freight assistance to items that are being sent to them for delivery, and the company received positive reviews because they managed to send their shipments accurately on the location that was given by the sender. The deliveries also arrive on time, and there are no hassles on the end of the receiver. The Custom Companies was established in 1986, during a time when logistics played a significant part in the business industry in the United States. Perry Mandera thought that creating a business in the logistics industry would be a profitable business, and he wanted to be unique among his other competitors in the country, so he thought of integrating software assistance in doing every transaction. The Custom Companies is considered today as one of the companies which use a dedicated software that would enable their units to deliver items on time, and by using the GPS technology, he can track down the location of the deliveries and manage if it would go in a different route.


In a matter of 30 years, Perry Mandera managed to transform the Custom Companies as one of the most profitable logistics company in the United States. The company posted a report showing that it earned $200 million last year, and it keeps on increasing every year. Business owners state that the Customer Companies is one of the most reliable businesses in the logistics industry because they do not discriminate. Every business will be served, no matter how big or small the company is, and there are no priorities given to the top companies.


Perry Mandera stated that there will still be future changes with the Custom Companies, but it will be for the benefit of the business and their clients. Today, Perry Mandera is focusing on an internal team that is tasked to create a software that would aid them in their future business transactions, and it would also decrease the time needed to deliver items sent to them.


Glen Wakeman Talks Up Miami Small Business Owners

Miami has proved to be a tough ground for numerous small business start-ups. More than 85% of new businesses do not stand the test of time. This has been attributed to the business environment and many other factors. Glen Wakeman believes starting a business is tough regardless of the environment and idea one chooses to venture in. He shares on what makes the difference between entrepreneurs that do well and those that do not last long.




Lack of enough capital has been top of the list of why the success rate of businesses in the coastal city is extremely low. Glen believes that this is overemphasized and states that enough money without a proper plan will inevitably bring down any venture. Poor management of funds has also been blamed. This is true in some cases but businesses with great managers have also crumbled down.


What makes the difference?


Glen who has been in business for quite sometime has since developed a plan that is sure to turn one’s fortunes. Paying less attention to the product’s features and placing emphasis on the benefits will have ripple effects on the sales. Clients tend to be more intrigued by what they will get from your product. Given that the success of any business relies heavily on its clients, entrepreneurs need to get and maintain a great client base according to Glen Wakeman.


Support groups have been attributed to people needing help to tackle challenges that persist. Glen encourages entrepreneurs to surround themselves with individuals who can freely air their opinions, positive or negative, concerning their business. Preferably those who are not overly interested in the business. They help one to look at things from a different perspective and the results will be impressive.


Glen Wakeman also insists that successful businessmen do not focus solely on what is bound to fail. There is a lot of evidence that refutes claims that are ingrained in people’s minds. Other than changing the fate of your business, looking at the bright side of things will make life far much better.


Tough as Miami is for business one can still do well with a determined attitude and a proper plan. The many obstacles should not keep one from bringing their business idea to life

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Stansberry Research: Promoting Knowledge-based Investment

The primary objective of investing is to realize a return on investment. For investors, the commodities market provide unique and profitable investment opportunities that if effectively exploited can yield higher returns. According to Stansberry Digest’s editor, Justin Brill, realizing high returns from investing in the resource market is dependent on the ability of an investor to understand the cyclic nature of commodities. That is, the busts and booms in the supply and demand for commodities.


Based on his knowledge of investment accumulated through his editorial duties at Stansberry Research, Mr. Brill believes that investing in commodities during price busts can be profitable during price booms. Relying on the vast industry knowledge of Stansberry Research’s editor Dr. Steve Sjuggerud and Brett Eversole, a senior analyst at the financial research firm, Mr. Brill predicts that the next commodity cycles are in the offing. He predicts that coffee and medical marijuana are on the brink of enjoying a major boom because they are at the end of their bust cycles. However, he cautions that medical marijuana is encumbered by legal challenges especially in the United States where it is banned by federal laws despite widespread legalization across various states and countries.


Stansberry Research: Company Profile


Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Stansberry Research is one of the world’s leading investment research company with specialization is key industries including power, natural resources, and biotechnology industries. Its newsletters and knowledge-based commentaries by its analysts and editors also cover other sectors such as mining, healthcare, and oil. With subscribers drawn from over 100 countries, the company founded by Frank Porter Stansberry in 1999 is also an authority in corporate bonds and financial markets. The team of experienced editors and analysts at the company has played an integral role in the exponential growth of the company.


Stansberry Research’s editorial team is made up of highly experienced individuals with vast knowledge of investment banking and various fields the company focuses its researches. Porter Stansberry is a financial specialist while Matt Badiali, an editor at the company, is a specialist in Geology and Earth Sciences. Others include senior analyst Austin G. Root who is also a director and manager at the company. Other editors include David Eifrig Jr. who holds a doctor medicine degree, Steve Sjuggerud, and Dan Ferris.