Mark Rubio Gains DeVos Support

The DeVos family is a very powerful and rich family that is involved in politics – especially Dick. They provide funding for the Republican party. As of right now, they are providing financial backing to Marco Rubio. After Jeb Bush has dropped out of the race, the Dick DeVos and his family was tasked with finding a new candidate to back in the primaries. This was when they decided to back Marco Rubio. Rubio is no stranger to the DeVos family. In fact, Rubio has achieved a few positive changes in Florida’s education system. 

Because of the major gains in the education system, the DeVos family has decided that Rubio is someone worth backing for the possibility of becoming the president. One thing that attracted Dick DeVos to Rubio is that he is a very capable leader with the perspective and experience needed to bring about a desired effect in the country. 

In fact, Rubio is in second place to Donald Trump. He hasn’t won a state, yet. However, he is gaining a lot of momentum. One thing that the DeVos family is not looking forward to is Donald Trump being the nominee. They do not have any type of speculation on what they think would happen with Donald Trump. 

The Father of the DeVos family and owner of Orlando Magic as well as Amway co-founder has given $250,0000 to Rubio. This is the same amount of money he has given to Jeb Bush. Helen, his wife has donated $2,7000 to Rubio in support of his campaign.

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