Squaw Valley Remains Open As Water Quality Battle Draws Closer To A Conclusion

The water quality issues that have recently affected the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort appear to be coming to a conclusion after officials from Placer Valley Environmental Health Department explained the traces of bacteria were absent and reducing in three of four affected wells. Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney, has kept the public and visitors regularly informed of the progress being made in eliminating the E. Coli and Coliform that entered an isolated part of the water supply during an unprecedented storm.


Upgrades had been made to the wells affected by the storm in the Summer of 2016 in a bid to avoid any problems with water quality at the resort, but the rain storm that caused problems across this area of California presented a major issue as contaminated water inundated the well system in the Upper Mountain region of the resort. Liesl Kenney has been quick to reassure visitors to Squaw Valley that they have no chance of being affected by the bacteria in a small amount of the drinking water as all supplies have been cut off to the Upper Mountain area until the problem has been resolved; those guests looking to ski the Upper Mountain areas of Gold Coast and High Camp are being offered complimentary bottled water to ensure their comfort at all times on the slopes that are not affected by the problem.


In response to the water quality issue being discovered by Squaw Valley’s own scheduled testing procedures a team of experts was immediately called in to assess the levels of bacteria entering the four wells and form a treatment plan. Officials from Placer County Environmental Health have played a key role in the treatment of the four wells and recently reported major levels of success in reducing the levels of E. Coli and Coliform in the area. Despite the success of the work already completed the need to make sure all visitors are protected throughout their time at Squaw Valley has resulted in resort officials calling in independent water experts to assist in the eradication of the bacteria to make sure all visitors have the best possible stay at the resort.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort Sees Water Quality Improvements

It is well known that major rain events can cause water quality issues for those using groundwater supplies for their drinking water supplies, and a major rain event has been identified as the reason for contaminated water supplies being found at the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort. The early detection of the water contaminated with E.Coli and Coliform allowed the resort to make sure no visitors were offered contaminated water and the problem could be addressed in the early stages of the contamination.


Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director has explained the contamination has been restricted to four wells serving the Upper Mountain region of the historic resort, including the popular Gold Coast and High Camp areas where restaurants will remain closed until the issue has been fully resolved. The high levels of storm water entering a system that was upgraded in the Summer of 2016 has been blamed for the issue regarding water quality, which was addressed as soon as a regular testing procedure identified the contamination of the water; the first step for officials at Squaw Valley was to contact and begin working with officials at Placer County Environmental Health Department to begin the process of returning water supplies to their normal quality levels.


It is obvious to see officials at Squaw Valley and Placer County Environmental Health Department are looking to keep the public informed of the progression of the water issue, and are looking to ensure the safety of all visitors and guests by keeping the water supplies turned off to the Upper Mountain region of the resort. The turnaround in the water quality at Squaw Valley has already begun to be seen with three of the four wells affected by the contamination reported by Placer County Environmental Health Department to show no signs of E.Coli and lowered levels of Coliform. Squaw Valley have also called in a number of leading water quality experts to make sure all the bases are covered in terms of the return to normal levels.