The ascent to the top: the story of BMG executive, Marcio Alaor, and memories in the interior of Minas Gerais

Marcio Alaor is an official in financial sector and acts as the executive vice-presidency in Banco BMG which is a leader in payroll loans and personal loans within Brazil. Alaor was born in Santo Antônio do Monte the mining town and he is presently viewed as one of the biggest Brazilian business people in the financial sector.

Amid the 33th Santo Antonio do Monte Agricultural Exhibition referred as Expose Samonte, led to establishment of the Marcio Alaor de Araújo food court to pay tribute to the official of a similar name, the eminent bank BMG, private financial firm with over 85 years of involvement within the national market. The tribute underlines the administrations of Marcio Alaor to the place where he grew up, the professional development accomplished with diligent work, and the available support of the city’s occupants, who instigated him to think about and accomplish his personal and professional objectives, but never losing his underlying foundations. Dr. Wilmar Pai, a doctor and his former companion, was one of the key characters in charge of acknowledging in Marcio Alaor all the potential that he distinctly worked upon to become an extraordinary man.

Indeed, even after his social rising, Alaor never neglected to have the chance of looking back and valuing his origins, his kinsmen and the esteemed Santo Antônio do Monte, particularly in empowering the development of rural development. The occasion denoted the tribute in Exposing Samonte was great but with emotion. As per BMG’s own VP, the introduction of the plaque that portrays the appreciation of his comrades shows the representation of the kinship and fondness as with his history, emphasizing the foundations and gratitude of his cherished land. He exploited the event to strengthen his support for the city, economic development in rural area and exercises that facilitate economic and social progress.

In a meeting with the city daily paper, Marcio puts emphasis on the significance of esteeming fellowships and getting in touch with every other companion in the city – putting individuals in front of the monetary side. His position as a key official of a financial organization was made a reality by the support of the individuals who loved him, the fellowship of his companions and the passion for his country. According to Alaor, being esteemed in life is an amazing privilege, since individuals are typically honored for their contributions after death. Due to that, there was an exceptional applaud homage by the people present.

Towards the ending of his speech, Alaor from BMG bank stressed his confidence in the city’s potential and his readiness to be always present with the public interest issues of his compatriots, looking to the city’s talents and potentials. All things considered, it was along these lines that the official figured out how to get through his longings, the way to pursue his dreams, to satisfy his objectives, and to sanctify himself as a reference in humility and success within his city.

Luiciana Lossio: A Trailblazer for all Women

Luciana Lossio may be the current TSE Minister, but did not take the easy road to get there. She is a highly educated woman who even as a lawyer represented some highly influential persons in Brazil. That is not always an easy task. Luciana also has three graduate degrees proving she is a highly educated person .

Luciana was also the first woman to hold the position of Substitute Minister of the Superior Electoral Court in 2011, which really catapulted her career and brought her into the spotlight. Luciana has always paved new paths in her career. She has held some very elite positions and worked on extremely complex cases as an attorney. She served seven years in the Attorney Generals office where she learned to handle very difficult cases, preparing her for the role she has now.

Even with all of her amazing accomplishments, Luciana still represents her country in a very unexpected way, through equestrian competition. Luciana spends her free weekends riding and training horseback riding. She has represented and won multiple equestrian events nationally and internationally for Brazil.

Luciana has graduated from school with three different postgraduate degrees in civil procedure, law, and legal order and prosecution. Upon completion of the Bar Association of Brazil in 1999 she began practicing law before joining the Attorney Generals office where she worked hard for seven years. Then she was appointed to Substitute Minister.

However, even after all of her accolades and hard work in the legal arena, her passion and possibly area of most accomplishment is with her horses. She has been riding since she was six-years old. Because of her lifelong dedication to things she puts her mind too, Luciana earned the title of Brazilian Champion Amateur Jumper. Also in another competition riding her horse Nikita, she beat out 40 other competitors, both men and women, to win the Sociedade Hipica Brasilia.

Luciana has helped pioneer new paths for women everywhere. Not only through her educational achievements but also because of the bridges she has been able to build through her political career. She is still young and has a lot of potential to continue blazing new paths for years to come. And after all she has accomplished she is now the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court.