Marc Beer, In Pursuit Of Promising Medical Diagnostics

Marc Beer is Chairman, CEO and one of the co-founders of Renovia. Since graduating from the Miami University Ohio in 1987, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business, he has been consistently developing entrepreneurial legs. In his most outstanding business to date, Beer achieved an impressive accomplishment by a medical technology startup. With Renovia Incorporated, Beer has lead the company to a rousing round of Series B financing. Renovia is a women’s health startup that has raised $32 million in second round financing and added to this total is $10 million in venture debt. It’s a milestone to say the least, because Series B financing requires that a company establish higher level growth. The financing of Renovia will spearhead the development of four innovative medical advances. For its part, Renovia has introduced a product that can detect and treat urinary incontinence. A condition that affects an estimated 250 million women worldwide. Learn more:


In April 2018, Marc Beer and Renovia received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its introductory product. Financing for the product was given a big boost by major healthcare investment group, Longwood Fund. Longwood Fund was one of the first investors to back Renovia’s medical technology. Renovia fills a niche, previously unoccupied by any pharmaceutical or biotech firm. There’s more to Renovia’s medical products, they actually address health issues of the “underserved” populus. The funding announcement offers functional benefits for those suffering from “pelvic floor disorders.”


Marc Beer has been instrumental in developing cutting edge treatments for people diagnosed with severe rare diseases. Under Marc’s tuleage, all his previous companies went public after years of introducing products, which received FDA approval. It is the culmination of his career experiences working as CEO for multiple biotech firms and building each one into a successful enterprise, before announcing them as publicly traded entities. The measure of the businesses has been in representing the health care pharmaceutical industry with new, innovative treatments for rare diseases and for fixing medical needs for medical problems previously overlooked or rare conditions, which were hard to treat. Beginning with his first endeavor, Marc has integrated the fields of diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and therapeutic devices for the greater good.


The “greater good” in this case is that Renovia is ushering in a new level of modern medical care. There is much promise in Renovia working towards bringing new innovations to market. Since reaching the milestone of completing successfully completing Series B financing; it is with great anticipation that the medical community awaits the delivery of the four upcoming product releases.