Defining The Architecture Profession- American Institute Of Architects

It has its headquarters in the Washing DC, and it is a professional body based in the United States of America called the American Institute of Architects (AIA). In as much as the Institution, public image and the architecture as a profession is concerned, they offer various services ranging from community development to government policing to public outreach among others. It is out of the good-will to enhance the construction industry that the organization sometimes engages in collaborative ventures with various trams in construction and design team.

A mention of American Institute of Architects (AIA) institute leadership comprises of Thomas V. Vonier, the president in addition to Robert Ivy the current Chief Executive Officer. A group of thirteen individuals pulled a few of their resources in 1857 to form the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in New York City. They had a vision and mission that would see to it their scientific and theoretical perfection in architecture thirst is quenched through attaining the required skills by the members. It was a devastating situation in the United States of America since almost anyone who claimed to be an architect would be taken for granted as there were no schools or licensing laws to provide a structured difference between a professional in architecture and someone who purports to be one.

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Robert Ivy notes the various positive impacts brought about by the formation of AIA. The surrounding society being at the center of the its formation, they have done a commendable job in providing disaster relief services and promoting the health sector just to mention a few. It was an amazing discovery by the Monthly Architects Billing Index survey that brought into limelight the fact that AIA had improved tremendously and was now recognized beyond its contemporary design profession.

According to the construction sector was the primary indicator of the economic standing of the United States as well as an underlying tracking performance index of the prospects that would be available after some time. In a fantastic revelation revealed by research by the Monthly Architects Billing Index, it was noted that AIA had recently gotten recognition outside its traditional scope in the design sector. Robert Ivy played a vital role in public health when drained swamps in Washington, D.C. He also led the design of Olmsted Central Park within the New York City. The primary reason for the formation of the park was to see to it the abolishment of inadequate housing in the city and stabilize the ones that were not standardized.

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