Talk Fusion Wins Major Annual Award

Talk Fusion has been a revolutionary company since entering the communications and technology arena. Recently, Talk Fusion was recognized for its superior achievement, winning the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. Given by the Technology Marketing Corporation, this is Talk Fusion’s second award of the year from this major company. The criteria for earning this award seeks to honor new and innovative ideas to encourage voice, video, and other means of communications. These new product should greatly change and improve the way people communicate in a variety of forms.

Without a doubt, Talk Fusion has revolutionized the way people communicate. Their new video chat platform allows people to communicate from anywhere to anyone on any platform, including smartphone, desktop, or tablet. People can find their new app on Google Play as well as iTunes. By winning a second award, Talk Fusion has demonstrated that their product is here to stay, as people continue to use and realize the extraordinary improvement their product brings to this space. Many people have downloaded and enjoyed the app since its original release in 2016. Without a doubt, Talk Fusion will have many new and innovative products in their pipeline that are sure to continue to shape the way people communicate in the future.

Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion builds all-in-one comprehensive communications solutions for both individuals and businesses. With many products similar to their video chat, Talk Fusion has changed the way that business and individuals communicate with each other. Their products not only stand out from the other options, but companies using their products also stand out from the competition. Their products allow individuals to be more dynamic and persuasive on video chat.

Talk Fusion is used in more than 140 countries. Talk Fusion even allows 30 day free trials of its product so people can see if they like the product before committing. One of the fastest growing companies in the past decade, it is clear that Talk Fusion has changed the way the world communicates in such a short time. For more information on Talk Fusion and this award, check out this article here.

How ClassDojo Is Improving Parent Teacher Conferences

ClassDojo is the ultimate new change in the world of technology that is allowing for kids to get the chance to have improved education experiences in class. Most teachers want to update parents about their kids, and this is why this app strived to come up with a way to help provide parents with what they needed. This new app is allowing for parents to receive instant updates via the app from the teacher about their child. Teachers can send parents either a message, a picture, or a complete video showcasing their child’s behavior, whether it be good or bad. Teachers who want to reward their students or show their bad behavior to the parents can use this app.

Many communities already have already seen their school grow and improve because of this app. Many parents today usually want to find out how their kids are doing. Being updated is the way to go, and this app gives you the chance. The key is to be proactive in a child’s life to help give the child what he or she needs to go through school and into college successfully. A parent’s goal is merely about being supportive and also disciplinary so that the child knows right from wrong. This app helps bridge that gap by allowing parents to have a say on what is going on in the classroom. Having that watchful eye can make it easier on teachers because they easily capture a moment where they usually would be put to blame.

There are always different ways to teach in school, but this form of teaching can only benefit children and parents, alongside the teachers. Everybody wins in some form when this app continues to grow.

With $21 million being put into this app, the company is trying to find out how they can better monetize the app without charging people for the app itself. They plan on simply providing more and more options, whether it’s homework assignments, tips, files, and other things to better make it more accessible and worth it for the parents and teachers.

No more need to have parents at some point in the year to get an update on what is happening to their kid. The truth is that parent teacher conferences happen so rarely, but Class Dojo can bridge this gap and provide you with the chance to easily communicate with everybody so that children succeed.


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The Study Increase in Securus App Downloads

Securus has become the company that a lot of people look forward to when they want some type of connection to friends or family members that may be behind bars. Many people are discovering that the Securus Technologies app is ideal for people that have smart phones and tablets. The app has already become something that is currently sweeping the nation with more than 65,000 downloads so far. 

I have watched what Securus Technologies has done, and this company is among one of the top businesses for law enforcement technology. Many people are impressed with the simplicity of this app. That is why I originally signed up for this application. 

Most people like myself are going to appreciate the ability to visit their friends in prison without leaving their homes. Some inmates get transferred at times, and the transfer can take them a lot further away from home. It is with the Securus app that people can visit without the worry of where anyone is located in the prison system. It would not matter if my friends were transported to prisons out of state. I can still visit through the mobile app, and this just makes it easier. If you have any difficulty connecting the app to the software, simply contact the customer service department at Securus and they will help you get set up in a jiffy.

I think that inmates know that certain people just aren’t going to visit them when they get locked up. That is just the way that it is. With this type of Securus software people don’t have to make excuses for why they are not visiting the prison. All that they have to do is sign up for the app, download the Google Play app or the App Store and fund the account. That is easy, and many inmates are going to be encouraged when they have more visitors through the app. 

The people that are downloading the app will discover that this is one of the easiest apps to fund. Users can set up an auto pay feature, or they can get their payments made through the Securus Video Visitation App Text Pay option. These are the things that people consider when they weigh their options. They have to decide if they want to make a drive or make a payment for visits. Most people will agree that making the payment is much easier than trying to make that drive to a prison. More people are going to see the benefits of maximizing your time and downloading the app. The convenience of all of this is just unbeatable.

Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with the following: Securus the health product or the site Securus America.

To learn more about Securus, visit their BBB profile to find out more about the business.

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