San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon Now Implicated In Campaign Finance Violations

It’s not been a good last couple years for George Gascón, the San Francisco district attorney who now finds himself charged with campaign finance violations and under investigation by the Ethics Commission. The Ethics Commission has stated that Gascón knowingly violated the rules for fundraising by accepting campaign donations from other city hall members and workers during his 2014 reelection campaign. Gascón has tried to fight back against these charges, claiming he did not know those rules existed, even though Paul Renne, Chairman of the Ethics commission stated that Gascón had been given information pertaining to campaign financing ethics. Gascón has been fined $4,000, jus a slap on the wrist maybe but it further damaged his reputation and unpopularity with other city officials.

Gascón has been embroiled for some time now in a struggle with the San Francisco Police Department, an issue delving into what he alleges are misconduct by officers and engaging in corrupt practices. In fact Gascón’s office had setup a panel to investigate into the police department’s practices and the amount of transparency they had with the public, but the police union struck back in what became a war between them and Gascón. Spokespeople for the union labeled Gascón as a “hypocrite” and a “fraud” because according to one account, Gascón had engaged in some racial and ethnic slandering at an event some years ago, and therefore should not be the one making allegations about police misconduct.

And if that wasn’t enough, Gascón’s own office found itself at the center of a civil suit alleging it allowed a hostile work environment earlier this year when a woman who worked in the office claims a co-worker hurled a racial epithet at her. The term “hypocrite” certainly seems to have stuck to Gascón after this current illegal campaign financing charge was brought about. It was his office after all that had just implicated certain well-known figures, including Senator Leland Yee, in a series of crimes related to illegal election fundraising and money laundering.


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